Have you signed up a new National Free Flight Society member this year? At some time in the past, each of us had an abundance of interest in free flight. We went around telling everyone how much we enjoyed it and asked those to join the fun. What happened? Did we get old? Is free flight no fun anymore? Did we lose our fascination with flight? Are we to the point where we no longer look for a better "mouse trap"?

The cure for most of these problems is to try something new. Just last year, one of our NFFS Hall of Fame members, Bob Sifleet decided to take on another modeling challenge. He tried F1E, magnet steered free flight. Guess what? He won the world championship. You can teach old fliers new tricks. So get out there and find a free flight event that you never flew, or one that you flew in the past but technology passed you by. Jump in and learn something new. Your newfound enthusiasm will be good for yourself. for free flight, and, of course, for NFFS.

Every time you go to a contest and see some new faces. ask if they are NFFS members. If ot, invite them to join. Take your a Digest and Symposium to each contest, and show them to prospective new members. Tell them about things like the Nats. Be an ambassador for free flight and NFFS. With just a few conversations at King Orange, I signed up four new members, including a new Life Member. Remember, free flight is your sport, and NFFS is here to provide leadership and promote free flight.

Above all, don¹t just sit back and see what free flight can do for you. You may wake up one day and there won¹t be any free flight. Life Members. We have enrolled four fliers into the NFFS Life Member fraternity. They are: Paul Grabski (Pensacola FL) No. 47; Joe Clawson (Palm Bay FL), No. 48; J.P. Kish (Homosassa FL), No. 49; Charlie Murphy (Fairfax VA), No. 50.
Next time you see them, thank them for their support of free flight and the NFFS.

See you on the flight line.
Rex Hinson