Rex Hinson

E-36 for Electric
In this issue (p. 8), and on the NFFS Web site, NFFS is introducing E-36, a new electric event. The Digest article and Web site present the rules and some discussion about them.
I hope this electric event will become as popular as P-30. Vic Nippert has already installed the system in an .020 Replica-size Strato Streak with great results. A Mini-Pearl might also be a good choice, if built light.
As was mentioned in the announcement on the Web site, E-36 will be flown as a provisional event at this year¹s Nats: No entry fee or pre-registration required this year. Processing will take place at the event director¹s location. Vic Nippert has agreed to run the event on Wednesday, August 2nd.
Trophies will be awarded for first through third for both Sr./Open and Jr.

Bob Stalick
In the November 2005 issue of Digest I began a series to recognize our hardworking volunteers. In this issue, I want to feature Bob Stalick, our Publications Services manager and former NFFS president. Bob has been a part of NFFS since Day One. He always finds time to work in promoting free flight and the society.
Bob Stalick
With encouragement from my mom, my first encounter with model airplanes occurred when I was six or seven. After keeping an X-Acto knife in my hand until about age 15, I succumbed to the lure of girls, cars and rock-and-roll music, and put the models on the shelf.
But that changed after college, when I moved to Albany OR at age 23and joined a fledgling model airplane club, the Willamette Modelers. Deciding that the club needed a newsletter, I volunteered to edit one. WMC Patter was born in 1962, and today, nearly 44 years later I am still its editor.
Over time, club membership became exclusively free flighters, and I held down a number of club positions, including secretary and treasurer. I am one of several contest directors in the club, and usually direct one indoor meet and co-direct one outdoor meet each year.
With Carl Fries and Dick Black, I was a founding member of NFFS and still possess my Charter Member #1 card. I was the first NFFS executive director, and served on the board in the early years of the society. More recently, I was president of NFFS from 1996 through 2003, when I stepped aside and Rex Hinson was elected president. But I didn¹t stay out of the action very long, as Rex asked me to take over responsibilities of the Publications Services section of NFFS, a position which I hold to this day.
I am primarily a gas model flier, concentrating of late on Nostalgia Gas.
But I fly other events, including hand launch and catapult gliders, A-1 and A-2.
The new house we built has a separate hobby shop around the corner from the office, with plenty of room to build and store the latest projects, one of which is a 54-in. wingspan outdoor scale Taylorcraft.
I am fortunate to have had support of my first wife, Barbara, who passed away in 2001, and of my new love, Garyanna, to whom I¹ve been married two years. She accompanied me to the Muncie Nats last summer.
For about 20 years, I was the free-flight editor of Model Builder, and I wrote for other publications over time. As Nostalgia editor at-large, I write occasional articles for the FreeFlight Digest and I have an article in the works for Model Aviation.
I earned my BS at the University of Oregon, followed by an MS at Oregon State University and a PhD back at the U of O, where I also taught for four years.
Professionally, he retired in 1999 from his 39 year stint as high school teacher, administrator, deputy superintendent, and superintendent of schools, plus a stint as an adjunct university professor.
Now, I am a full-time modeler, dad and grandpa and enjoying myself immensely.