The NFFS President's Message for May 2000


The NFFS is looking for some assistance from its members in three different ways:

1. Donations of Merchandise to the NFFS Scholarship Drawing to be held at the 2000 USOC. Last year, we received a number of excellent merchandise donations from the membership for which we sold tickets and received in excess of $800, all of which went to the NFFS Scholarship fund. This year, we would like to repeat the event and encourage members to make a merchandise donation to the cause. We are looking for NIB engines, desirable and complete kits in excellent condition, and any other item which would be appealing to free flighters. Hank Nystrom has volunteered to take charge of the drawing again this year, and we would like to exceed our proceeds. If you have such a donation, send it to Hank Nystrom at 3317 Pine Timbers Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604. If the value is over $100, you will receive a letter from NFFS which you can use to deduct the value from your federal income tax. Send any donations so that they arrive at Hank's door no later than July 15, 2000. Thanks.

2. Donations of Old Free Flight Digests. I am attempting to construct a complete set of Digests to contribute to the AMA archives. At present, I have need for 1966 through 1969, and 1983 through 1994. I am missing March, 1973 as well. If you have any old Digests you would like to donate to the cause, and they are in very good to excellent condition, contact Bob Stalick at 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321. Once again, donations of $100 value or more will receive a letter which can be used to deduct the value from your federal income tax.

3. Other Donations. Please also consider making contributions to other NFFS causes as well. Cash contributions are always accepted for the Scholarship Fund, the FAI Junior Team Fund, The Indoor FAI Fund and the Outdoor FAI Fund. All donations are tax deductible, you just need to earmark such donations so we know where they should be credited. Send them to Bob Stalick, address above.

FAI World Champs.

Australia has withdrawn its offer to host the 2001 outdoor World Champs. According to my sources, the intended field was rendered unusable. A number of other countries, Portugal and the USA included, intend to place bids to host this event. At the time of the writing of this column, I do not know what the outcome of the USA bid is, but it is possible that the event will be held at Lost Hills in the Fall of 2001. If so, the NFFS will be offering its services to the organizers and asking for help from its members. Stay tuned.

Nostalgia Subcommittees Reinstated.

With the recent rounds of changes in Nostalgia, which resulted in a much clearer and more concise rulesbook came another problem. The problem, foreseen by some, was that the new rules unleashed the possibility that some fliers, who wanted to bend the rules so their Medallions would be more competitive, could now do so. Walt Rozelle, Nostalgia Committee Chairman, has reinstituted the Nostalgia Subcommittees to address this issue. Their recommendations should be made and submitted to the full committee for their action this summer. Changes to the rules affecting Medallion engines could be made as early as this summer and could go into effect immediately. Once again, watch the Digest for announcements.

That's it for now.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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