The NFFS President's Message for May 2001

1. Officers sought.  First off, I wanted to let all of the members who live in either the South or West District that the nominations for NFFS VPs are now open. As required in the bylaws, a nomination committee has been appointed for each District, and if anyone is interested in serving, he or she should contact one of the members. The requirements for officership can be obtained from a membership committee member. For the Eastern Region, the membership committee chairman is Paul Crowley (see announcement elsewhere for details) The other committee members are: Bob Perkins and Chuck Markos. For the Western District, the committee members are: Bob Beecroft, Terry Thorkildsen and Fred Terzian. At the time of this writing, a chairman for the West has not been appointed. For anyone interested in serving as a vice president, the pertinent information is that you must be a current member of the NFFS, be able to attend the annual meeting, and be able to communicate with others, preferably using email.

2. Another Life Member.  It gives me great pleasure to welcome Life Member 35, Bob Klipp, to the fold. Bob has been one of our Society's workers over the past 20 years, serving for many years as the Plans Man. Thanks, Bob. Life Memberships in the Society can be yours for $450 if you live in the USA, and $500 if you live outside the USA. Why not become Life Member 36?

3. Donations Continue. We have received another contribution to the Pete Sotich fund from the Chicago Aeronuts, and another and final installment to the Joe Guylas Scholarship fund from Joan Guylas, widow of the late Joe Guylas, who was Life Member #1. Thanks to both. If you are interested in making a contribution to the NFFS, remember that we are a 501c-3 organization, and your donations are tax deductible.

4. AMA Museum. The NFFS has been involved with assisting the AMA museum tell the story about free flight. As I understand it, one section of the newly remodeled museum will be set aside to tell the NFFS story. To that end, Jim Haught has just completed a historical look at the NFFS from its inception in 1965 to 2000. This document, entitled, The National Free Flight Society, 1965-2000, is being donated to AMA along with a complete bound set of Digests from the same period. Also, we will donate a complete set of Symposia.  NFFS members, and interested others, will be able to read this history, look at the old Digest copies and review old Symposia when visiting the museum at Muncie. Additional copies of the NFFS History publication have been printed and are available from NFFS Publications for $6.00 each plus the usual postage costs.

5. Top Free Flighters Ever. Some months ago, I asked the membership to nominate their top candidates for the top ten free flighters ever. I received a rather paltry response, in fact, only four people responded. Here is the list as it appears now (in alphabetical order): Merrick "Pete" Andrews, Jim Clem, Carl Goldberg (4),  Frank Ehling, Dick Korda (2), Thomas Koster, Chet Lanzo, Gil Morris, George Perryman, Jerry Ritz, Earl Stahl,  Henry Struck,  Sal Taibi (2),  Eugene Verbitsky (2). The numbers in ( ) represent the number of times this person was nominated.
That's the current listing.

6. Top Free Flights Ever. Once again, I asked folks to send in nominations for the best free flights ever, and I got 4 responses to this request as well. Here they are (in alphabetical order): AMA Cub (Delta Dart), Brooklyn Dodger by Taibi, Buzzard Bombshell by Konefes, Catwalker F1D  by Jim Richmond (2), Continental by Ritz,  Dove A-2 by Schieman,  Excaliber F1C, Maverick by Hutchinson, New Ruler by Struck, 1939 Korda Wakefield (2)Playboy Senior by Cleveland, Sailplane by Goldberg,  Starduster by Taibi (2), Wakefields by Bob White, Zipper by Goldberg (2). As with the Top Free Flighters nominations, the numbers in ( ) following the name of the model represent the number of times each was mentioned.

7. Final Chance. If you forget, neglected or otherwise did not send in a nomination for either the top models or the top free flighters, here is your final, final chance. The rules are simple: Just write up to 5 model names and free flighter names on a post card or in a letter and send to Bob Stalick, 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321. I will close off the nominations on July 15. Then it is time to vote for the tops in each category.

8. Symposium Patrons. By the time you read this article, you will have received a request from Bill Vanderbeek for a donation to offset the cost of the 2001 NFFS Sympo. Please make a donation ASAP. In doing so, you will get your name in the book and you will be sent one of the first copies to come off the press.  These donations allow the Society to pay for the printing and editorial costs up front. Thanks to all who help.

9. Barbara Stalick Update. For those who have inquired, my wife is doing well and still undergoing sessions of chemotherapy for her leukemia. She is in remission and our hopes are high. Thanks to all who have asked.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.