In the previous issue of Digest I discussed how each of us owes some time to the young people coming along behind us. The following comments come from Phil Sullivan, this year¹s Nats CD. I thought it was so timely that I asked Phil to allow me to share it with you. Here it is:
"The Kids." I think it¹s time to think of the kids. I use the term "kids" when I think of the Juniors and Seniors. As the contestant numbers dwindled through the years, Junior and Senior events were de-emphasized. Modifications were made to AMA entry forms, such as combining Junior and Senior events and providing only one set of awards. "The National Champion Award System (Junior Champion, Senior Champion, Open Champion, and Grand National Champion) faded. Many other changes over the years have reshaped free flight as we once knew it.

"It's time to give back the ownership of Junior and Senior competition. Why do the kids have to compete against Open fliers? A very few kids can compete in that arena, but what happens to the 90 percent who cannot or who do not wish to do so?

"At this year¹s Nats, we will present High Points Awards to the Junior and Senior who accrue the most points in 12 events: four rubber, four gas and four glider. In an event such as Sr./Open F1A, Senior scores will be broken out separately. The point system used will be the official NFFS Hi-Point System (below). Contest management will post scores and standings each day, as well as this system.

"I hope the kids get fired up and enjoy this competition. Perhaps something like this will encourage them to carry the torch of free flight into the future. Whatever the future holds for free flight, as we know it, we owe it to the kids to include them in fair competition and encourage them to build and fly."
Phil Sullivan, CD

Lets all get behind the return of Junior and Senior High Point awards. Swap Meet. We are adding another activity to this year¹s Nats schedule. On the eveming of Tuesday, Aug. 3, we will have a giant swap meet. It will be held under the tent behind the farmhouse. (details on p. 13). Proceeds from table rental and such will go to the NFFS Scholarship Fund.

The traditional Texas Timers/NFFS raffle and hotdog cookout will be Thursday night, Aug. 5. These proceeds also go to the Scholarship Fund. Send your raffle donations to J.P. Kish, 22 Pine St., Homosassa FL 34446.

So far, 56 have volunteered to help run the Nats (list on p. 9). If you have any free time, and can assist, contact Phil Sullivan at 4536 Southern Ave., Anderson IN 46013-4743. Phone (765) 640-2921. E-mail: <> Remember: If each of us recruits just one new NFFS member this year, free flight will prosper.

See you on the flight line.
Rex Hinson