Rex Hinson
President, NFFS




New Free Flight Area at Muncie
After a concerted effort by NFFS and with great AMA support from Dave Brown, Don Koranda, and especially Lonnie Estep, the new Event and Safety Coordinator, access to the Northern part of the Muncie site has been opened to free flight. The new launch area is to be used when the wind is out of the Northeasterly direction. The area is in the Northeast corner of the site adjacent to Memorial drive. Research indicated that the wind came from the NE 35% of the time during the first week of August. The site is 1000 feet by 500 feet. An auto/ chase bike access path has been opened from this new area diagonally down to the area near where sailplanes and U-Control are flown. A second chase bike path has been cleared down the eastern edge of the AMA property from new site to near the Pavilion and silo area where it connects with existing chase bike paths. Direct access from Memorial drive is NOT available. The new area was cleared on April 4th, the area leveled on the 5th, and seed planted on the 7th. Also added was a small culvert at a low spot on the eastern chase bike path.

No all of the crops have not been removed from the Northern part of the field. This would be too expensive to AMA at this time. This does however give us a good opportunity to use a greater portion of the field, and keep many more models on the field when we have the NE wind. There will also be use when we have a SE wind since we can go all of the way to the NE corner.

Announcing the 2006 Symposium Editor
Harry Grogan of Orlando will be the editor of the 2006 symposium. Harry holds both Aeronautical and Mechanical engineering degrees and has spent his career in aerospace. Harry has been an active competitor in a variety of events, and will bring many new ideas to the symposium.
Harry can be reached at:
4176 Reynard CT.
Oviedo, FL 32765
PH: 407-365-1682
Or on the web at:

Start thinking about something for the symposium. It is not too early to start.

Speaking of the Symposiums, The very popular 2004 Symposium sold out. There is continued demand for this issue, therefore a second printing is under way for a limited number of copies. If you did not get yours yet, please send your order to NFFS Publications Services, Attn:
Bob Stalick
1930 Heron Pt. Ct., Albany, OR 97321

A number of you have indirectly expressed ideas about how to make NFFS grow. If you have ideas that are associated with publicity, send them to Don DeLoach, chairman of our Public Relations and Publicity department. If you have ideas that pertain to our publications, contact our Publications chairman and Digest editor, Walt Rozelle. Walt and Don’s address can be found on the NFFS website.

Don’t forget the Scholarship raffle and Auction at the NFFS/ Texas Timer cookout at the NATS. Let me, or our membership chairman, J.P Kish, know what you have to bring for the auction.

As I write this, our membership campaign offer of a plans bonus for new members has already resulted in over 60 new members.

As always, sign up at least one new member this year.

Rex Hinson