The Indoor NATS in Johnson City went off smoothly the last weekend of May. Thanks to CD Carl Bakay and his helpers, Dave Thomson, John Kagan, J.P. Kish, and Sharon Bakay fun was had by all. The participation was up from 56 to69 contestants. The East Tennessee State University dome provided a spacious venue for some record performances . Stan Buddenbohm set records in both hand launch glider and unlimited catapult. His 109.5 an d 109.6 totaled 219.1 for a new site record in unlimited catapult. He posted 172.2 with flights of 86.0 and 86.2 for the record in HL. He is a treat to watch.

John Kagan introduced the Penny Plane Pro-Am event where one of the experienced flyers such as he, Jim Richmond and the like, paired with an amateur (rookie) to learn to fly. Saturday afternoon was spent with the Pro teaching the amateur all about flying Penny Plane. Trimming, winding, processing, cutting the rubber, etc. were subjects for the teacher and the student to explore. Tom Iacobellis was my Pro. After breaking 3 motors, I finally got over 10 minutes and was proud as a peacock. I quickly found out that there is a lot more to flying these delicate little creatures than meets the eye. On Sunday, the Ams had their own contest, Sportsman LPP. And the best part was that the Pros gave their models to the Ams after the contest.

Nearly a thousand dollars was raised through a fine raffle on Saturday. Lots of nice indoor goodies through the kind donations of Tim Goldstein of A2Z Products, Jeff Hood, Ray Harlan, and Ben Saks. The last number drawn was for a very expensive rubber winder given by Tim Goldstein. This year the monies will be given to the NFFS Scholarship Fund. Thank you and well done.

Speaking of raffles, the NFFS Scholarship raffle will be held staged at this year’s NAT’s in Muncie the first week of August. Thursday evening at the Cookout will be the place. Please send your items (kits, plans, engines, equipment, etc.) to me or to the AMA in care of Yolanda. This is our main source of income for our successful scholarship program.

Regarding the change to six issues of the Digest, I have 60 responses thus far. With only two nays, it would seem likely that this will be the way we go. More next time.

A note for RDT (radio dethermalizers) users at the NATS. Anything but 72 MHz and 53 MHz (Ham band) is permissible.

A special thanks this time goes to Hank Nystrom. For many years, he has facilitated the credit card exchange for membership and such and been a strong supporter of NFFS with many other little things that he does. Thank you, Hank.

Good luck and have fun this summer.