The NFFS President's Message for May-June 1998

  1. Freeflighters interested in obtaining the first editions of a Russian .020 engine can express their interest by either sending a letter or a postcard to R.N. Palmer, PO Box 609, Palisades, NY. 10964-0609. Mr. Palmer is working directly with the folks who produce the VA engine in Russia, and they are planning an initial run of a new style VA .020 this Spring. Those who express their interest now will get first choice of the engines when they are available.
  2. NFFS members and all interested free flighters are asked to assist Bill Vanderbeek in choosing the 'One Design Model of the Year for 1999.' The models that have been nominated are:

    Each person is asked to vote only once. The model receiving the most votes will be chosen to be the One Design Event model for 1999. Four contests in the US, including the USOC at Muncie will host the event which features cash prizes to third place and participant certificates for all who enter. To vote: either send an email to Bill Vanderbeek or drop him a postcard or letter at 13300 Simon Lane, Los Altos, CA The balloting will be closed on June 1, 1998.

  3. The 1998 Symposium pre-sale is underway. Once again this year, Bill Vanderbeek is heading up the effort. To be listed in the Sympo publication, a contribution of $35 is required. This will not only get you listed, but it will also get you a copy of the Sympo hot off the press. Last year, over 400 of the 750 Sympos that were printed were pre-sold by Bill. All members will receive a letter before the end of March.
  4. Reports from the AMA indicate that the Muncie FF Trailer has been purchased and the modifications are underway so that it will be in place and in operation in time for the USOC in July. This project is a joint effort withm the AMA and NFFS contributing both time and money to the cause.
  5. The NFFS application for Federal Tax status as a charitable organization under tax code 501 (c) 3 has been filed in the state of Michigan. The information I have indicates that it ordinarily takes around 3 to 4 months for processing. If all of the information passes muster, then the organization is granted its status. I expect to have a progress report by the time the next President's message is posted on this page.
  6. A number of individuals and groups have indicated their interest in supporting NFFS via tax exempt donations when the above status is achieved. Thanks to all of you for your support.
  7. The NFFS Vice Presidents and I will be meeting at the USOC on Friday evening, July 31. The agenda is now being completed, and it appears to be full. Among the topics for discussion and possible action are:
    1. Flying site acquisition and retention.
    2. The World Championships past and future.
    3. The role of the NFFS in promoting remote d.t. systems and rules changes
    4. Increasing advertising space (and enlarging the size of) the NFFS Digest.
    5. Steps beyond the AMA Cub/Delta Dart
    6. Committee appointments.

    It promises to be a big evening, but the officers are ready for the challenge. It is especially encouraging now that the financial burden of the deficit is off our collective backs.

  8. The NFFS is looking for a member who would be interested in the editorship of the 1999 Symposium Publication. The NFFS has organized this project so that the editor has the primary job of soliciting and organizing the material that is submitted. The Hall of Fame, the Models of the Year and other components are already assigned. For further information or to nominate yourself or another please contact Bob Stalick at or 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321
That's it for now.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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