The NFFS President's Message for November 2000

•Editor Vacancy: The big news for this month is the tendered resignation of Chris Weinreich as the editor of the Digest. Chris has served as editor for the past 11+ years and recently informed me that increased job expectations in his real occupation has put added pressure on his time. He has asked to be relieved from his duties as soon as possible. I will have more information about the job Chris has done in a future issue, but meanwhile, members need to know that a search is being conducted for a replacement editor to begin in January, 2001. The job posting may be in this issue of the Digest. Dan Tracy, who is the chairman of the Planning and Operations Committee, is heading up the search. He can be reached at home at PO Box 244, Maple Valley, WA 98038. He may be reached by phone at his office: 253-773-1040 or home at 425-432-0585. His email address is Dan has information about the position, its expectations, compensation and other details. The applications for this position will close in December, so anyone interested should contact him as soon as possible.

•Muncie Field Improvements. The NFFS Board of Directors approved an expenditure of $25,000 in 1999 to be used to encourage AMA to complete the installation of McLaughlan Road at the Muncie Flying Site. At our annual meeting in August, 2000, the Board of Directors reaffirmed this amount and empowered Hardy Brodersen to negotiate the deal. Hardy serves on AMA's PADCom (Property Acquisition and Development Committee) as the representative from NFFS. Now, action is beginning to complete this project. The road will be paved and graded along the Southeast end of the property and connected at both ends to the existing roads. The money from NFFS will come from the McLaughlan fund, which was contributed to NFFS by Tom McLaughlan's will in 1996. The money has been invested and held in trust by NFFS since then with the express purpose of using it for site improvements. The road improvements will be undertaken immediately and will be in place for use in 2001.

•Annual Meeting Report As noted above, the Board of Directors of the NFFS met at its annual meeting on August 4, 2000, at the Radisson Roberts Hotel in Muncie. In addition to reports regarding the Plans Service, Publications, National Cup and the Website, the following highlights were gleaned from the official minutes from this meeting:

1. Credit card purchases of memberships. A proposal was submitted by Hank Nystrom and was endorsed by the Board of Directors to investigate membership payment by credit card for our international members. Hank Nystrom will proceed on this matter. "Our anticipated path to do this has fallen through. We will continue to investigate for the future, but there are no near term implementation plans" (added 14 November, 2000 per Bob Stalick and Hank Nystom).

2. NFFS Scholarships, the Board moved to allow NFFS members to nominate any otherwise eligible student for the scholarship regardless of whether the student or his family is a NFFS member.

3. Publications Committee vacancy. Hardy Brodersen will seek a replacement member to fill a vacancy. Note: Bill Shailor was appointed for this position.

4. Publications Committee report. This report was presented by Dan Tracy, chairman. The proposal by the committee is to expand the vision of NFFS to promote an "expanded membership, public relations and social responsibility and the passion for flight." The committee was given approval to develop a proposal to be completed by early 2001. It was stressed that no reduction or interruption to existing NFFS service shall occur or be implied by this new thrust.
The committee was also renamed the Planning and Operations Committee.

5. Ten Models of the Year. Due to a concern expressed by the membership, the Board of Directors specifically directed that the committee has the sole right and responsibility to select the 10 MOY without intervention. 

6. Redistricting. Rex Hinson suggested that the Board of Directors consider redistricting by adding another Vice President who would represent the SW states. This item will be on the agenda for the 2001 Board meeting.

The next annual meeting of the NFFS Board of Directors will be held in conjunction with the 2001 Outdoor FF Nats.

Details on any of these items can be obtained by contacting your regional Vice President.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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