President’s Column for October
I want to report on the highlights of the Annual NFFS Business Meeting, held on August 2 starting at 7:30 AM, in conjunction with the Muncie Nats in this, one of my last columns as president. So here goes:
• NFFS Plans
Hank Sperzel announced that the NFFS plans service now contains in excess of 1000 free flight plans. Hank also noted that he would like to step down from this position, which he has held for the past 7 years. The Board of Directors is now seeking a member who would like to be the Plans Man. If you are interested, please contact President Bob Stalick or any vice president.
• Membership
Hank Nystrom reported that the overall membership of the NFFS has declined by 2.4% in the past year, even though international and Junior membership continues to increase. Hank also introduced the new membership chairman, J.P. Kish, who takes over the membership duties on September 1, 2003.
•A “Back to Basics” section will be introduced on the NFFS website with
appropriate information and articles from past publications to be included. Ed
Wiley will head up this project.
•The Scholarship Committee report was given by Ed Wiley
The Board of Directors voted to spend up to $4,000 to fund scholarships for 2004 (note: this
amount was upgraded to $5,000 after a donor contributed a check for $10,000--see below).
•The Competition Committee, headed by Bob Perkins, was given approval to pursue a number of improvements to several free flight related issues, including safety, event structure and related items.
•Symposium CDs
Walt Rozelle reported that the compact discs containing past Symposium Reports have been selling well. He also reported that some changes in who can post items on the website are in the works in order to better control access to official NFFS announcements and reports.
•National Cup participants who are not members of the NFFS will be contacted to encourage their joining the Society. Currently, any free flighter, member or not, can participate in National Cup competitions.
• Towline Glider Proposal
The Board adopted a towline glider proposal which would be added to the 2004 National Cup glider competition. The proposal contains two events: Classic A-1 and Classic A-2. No circle tow is permitted, and a limited on-line time prior to release is a feature. Full rules are elsewhere in this issue of the Digest.
• Volunteers needed
The Board is still looking for a member who would be interested in serving as a Public Information Officer for the NFFS, and another who would be willing to serve as Development Director. Rex Hinson is heading both of these efforts. Also, the Planning and Development Committee needs members from the Western District and from the Southern District.
• Ron Sharpton to be appointed
Rex Hinson noted that if he is elected to the Presidency, he intends to appoint Ron Sharpton to replace him until the next election, as provided for in the new By Laws.
• Mid-Winter meeting
The Board of Directors voted to hold a mid-Winter meeting again in 2004.
• Election of Officers
The ballots for the election of the President and Vice President from the Central District are in this issue of the Digest. Rex Hinson is running unopposed for President, but incumbent Bob Hanford is being challenged for the Central VP position by Faust Parker. Send your ballots in
ASAP, as December will be here sooner than you think!
The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM
• Contributions
An anonymous donor recently contributed $10,000 to the NFFS Scholarship Fund, and the Board of Directors has increased the amount available for 2004 Scholarships by $1,000 due to this generous donation. The remainder of the money will be kept in the scholarship fund for future awards. We are always looking for contributions to the education fund, the scholarship fund and the Junior Team Funds. All such contributions are tax deductible.
• Life Members
We have two new Life Members who have joined this ever expanding group of supporters, they are: Don DeLoach, Life Member 45, from Colorado Springs, CO and Robert Sennett, Life Member 46, from Warsaw, Indiana.Welcome aboard and thanks for your support.

Finally, lest you think I will be heading out to pasture after I hang up my President’s gavel, I will not. I have agreed to help Walt Rozelle by writing a regular Nostalgia column for the Digest in the months to come.
Stay tuned for more next month.
Bob Stalick