Rex Hinson
President, NFFS THE NFFS PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE: September 2004

Dear Rex,
Thanks for helping to put on a great first Nats experience for Albert and me. Again, thanks for encouraging me to take him there. It was a great week we spent together. The best word to describe our week at Muncie is "magic."
Dean McGinnes Lakeland FL

I received the above letter from a grandfather who took a grandson to his first Nats. It was "magic": 266 fliers from 33 states, good weather, lots of well-tended green grass, an outstanding group of volunteers and great support from everyone at AMA made this Nats special. And special recognition to Phil Sullivan, who again performed admirably as contest director. If you reflect on them, all Nats are special. We reminisce about past Nats that we attended in earlier years. We fondly remember the pictures in Model Airplane News, Air Trails and others magazines of yesteryear that had a lifelong impact on us.. Our Nats always provide fond memories for someone. If you see a new face in the crowd, make them feel welcome. Let¹s hope that we continue to make all of the Nats "magic."

Swap Meet
This year a new Nats feature was a swap meet, sponsored by the Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta. The Tuesday evening get-together was well received, although some complained that the day¹s flying and trophy awarding wasn¹t completed when we started the swap session. The NFFS board is considering holding next year¹s swap meet on the Sunday evening preceding the first day of the Nats. SAM uses this arrangement with great success.

NFFS Banquet
This event was again well attended, with presentation of some fitting awards. For one, indoor fliers and NFFS presented AMA¹s Joyce Hager and Dave Brown with a $3,100 check to help defray costs of renting the USIC facility at Johnson City TN. Look forward to an even better banquet next year. Dakota Bipe Contest. This was another new Nats highlight. Sponsored by Skyscrapers Larry Davidson and Jim Bocckinfuso, the time/target event drew almost 20 entries. It was great to see AMA President Dave Brown in the midst of the action, helping time flights. Maybe we should send Dave a Dakota kit so he can build it and enter the event next year.

NFFS Cookout
The Texas Timers/NFFS hotdog cookout on Thursday evening drew the largest crowd to date. The NFFS raffle and auction brought in more than $2,500 for the society¹s scholarship fund. Every year, the Nats at Muncie builds on its tradition. Be sure and join us next year. Elsewhere in this issue (p. 10), you will find a complete report on the 2004 outdoor FF Nats competition. I would like to single out one person who made a difference this year, and needs recognition. NFFS Membership Chairman J.P. Kish was on duty all day, every day, processing new memberships and selling Sympos and other NFFS items. Thanks, J.P. Speaking of NFFS membership, have you signed up a new member this year?

See you on the flight line!
Rex Hinson