The 2009 NATS Planning Meeting was held at the AMA building in Muncie on September 26 th. It is a day-long process to put all the pieces together. Schedule of events, selection of logo and trophies, arrangement for equipment and facilities, establishing entry deadlines, and all the things it takes to make sure that each and every discipline can successfully administer its competition. The NATS will run from June 29 th through August 2 nd.

For free flight, the USIC (Indoor) dates are May 27-31 and the USOC (Outdoor) will happen during the week of July 27-31. The Indoor Contest Director will be Abe VanDover and Mr. X will direct the Outdoor contest. If you have a good suggestion for Mr. X, let me know. Event schedules will be forthcoming.

Attendance for the entire NATS last year was down about 15%. I aluded to this last month with the Indoor FF down nearly 50% and the Outdoor went from 260 to 215. We cannot control the Gasoline prices but what can we do? The AMA normally sends out entries to contestants of the previous year. This year, entries will be sent to those who have flown in the NATS the past four years.

I want to thank John Lorbiecki for accepting the job of “Editor” of the Symposium for 2009. As I look at the names of those editors from the past 41 years, I marvel at the efforts made in producing these fantastic pieces of work. With equal appreciation I noted all of the contributing editors who provided the content. YOU can be one of these.

Please send an article to John and be a part of this tradition. It doesn’t have to be a highly technical subject. Anything in the interest of free flight will be considered and appreciated.

The Hall of Fame and Models of the Year are such integral parts of the NFFS and the Symposium. If you have a nomination for Hall of Fame, please send the name(s) to Louis Joyner, If you have a Model of the Year suggestion, contact Jerry Murphy,

Congratulations to the members of the 2009 World Team for the USA: F1A – Lee Hines, Ken Bauer, and Steve Spence. F1B – Walt Ghio, Charles Jones, and Alex Andriukov.

F1C – Gil Morris, Dick Mathis, and Don Chessum.

Until next time,