1976 Symposium


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Northwest Nordic Symposium 1-31-76 – Steve Helmick
Effect of Some Design Parameters on the Glide Performance of A-2 Gliders – Harry Grogan
Circle Towing American Style – Paul Crowley
On Nordic Wing Joiners – Ken Phair
Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel Tests of Two Airfoils Suitable for Models – W. Hewitt Phillips
Fun and Games With FAI Flappers – Andrew B. Bauer
Propeller Performance – Andrew B. Bauer
Experimental Analysis of the Indoor Propellor – Walter Erbach
Nakashima Strikes Again – Will Nakashima
A Method for Predicting Indoor Model Duration – Doug Mclean
Philosophical Dimensions of Free Flight Modeling – Robert T. Huber
Carving Prop Blades From Thin Boards – Bob Meuser
A Timer Actuated V.I.T. – Dieter Siebenmann
The Ten Models of the Year – Bob Dodds

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