1982 Symposium


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Performance Growth of an F1C – Mario Rocca & Alberto Dall’Oglio
Prop Mechanics and F1C Engine RPM – Andrew Bauer
Picking Power Props – Dave Benepe
F1C Folding Props – Dave Sugden
Digital Timers – Thomas Koster
Magic Shape – Harry Murphy,
Wakefield Dynamics – Jean Wantzenriether
On Trimming an F1B – Giora Herzberg& Amos Hadas
Bob White on Rubber – Walt Rozelle
Consumer’s Report on Wake-Up – Rich Sander
Nordic Wings – Tam Thompson
Aspect Ratio of F1A Wings – Martin Pressnell
Optimum FAI Indoor Model Wing – Walter Erbach
Design for Over 55 – Jim Bennett
Thirty Minutes or Bust!! – W. Hewitt Phillips
Nagoya – Stan Stoy
Aerofoil Turbulator and Invigorators – Martyn Pressnell & Mohamad Bakin
Asymmetrical Wings – William Baker
Minimum Induced Drag – Dennis Phillips
Airfoil Base to Chord – Cliff McBaine
Flying Models in Japan – Koei Tsuda

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