1985 Symposium


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Design Technology Introduction – Hank Cole
FAI F1C Performance Tradeoffs – George Xenakis
Empirical Studies of Covering Material -Norman Poti
Design of Ornithopter Linkages – Frank Kieser
F1C Glide Performance – Bob Lieber
Guurtje, Hihl, Still-There Comments – Cenny Breeman & Jan Somers
Torque Return of Rubber Motors – Walter Rozelle
Trimming F18 and F1C Models – Andrew Bauer
Fuselage Motion of Ornithopters – Hewitt Phillips
On Wakefield Longitudinals – Jean Wantzenriether
Set & Temp Effects on Energy of Rubber – Fred Pearce
Analysis Large Deformations Rubber Strip – Robert Thoren
New Developments For F1A Gliders – Jim Wilson
Interview with Randy Archer – Hermann Andresen

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