1986 Symposium


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Peanut & Pistachio Ponderings – Bill Hannan
Wakefield Climb Trimming – Andrew Bauer
Rubber Scale Zoom – Leon Bennett
Design Studies of F1A Sailplane Wings – Martin Simons
Smoke-Flow Photos of Flow Over Airfoils – Sivaramarkrishnan Mangalam
Performance of Model Aircraft – Martyn Pressnell
Propeller Gyroscopic Moments – Reid Hull
Symmetrical Stablizer-Airfoils – Hans Gremmer
Deltoid Pumpkinseed Sprouts – James Longstreth
Why Your Glider Has Two Personalities – Charles McCutchen
Sizing the Rubber Model Power Train – Cliff McBaine
Helicopter Rotor Techniques – Alan Brocklehurst
Computer Programs for Model Builders – Frank Kieser
Building a Wind Tunnel – Hewitt Phillips

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