1988 Symposium


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Some Effects of Design and Trim on F1C Glide Recovery – Andrew B. Bauer
Slotted Wingtips on Soaring Birds and Models – Hans Gremmer
Your F1B Stabilizer: Lift Slope Implications – Jean Wantzenriether
Computation of Low-Speed Airfoil Lift and Drag Characteristics – William F. Waterman
Stress Analysis of An F1C Folder – Stan Wennerstrom
Using Composite Materials – Matt Gewain
Measurement of Stored Energy of Rubber Strips and Analysis of M-N Curves of Various Rubber – Li Renda
The Cylinder of the Co2 Motor – Klaus J. Hammerschmidt
Computer Program for the Rossi Mk Ii – Douglas Joyce
A Progressive Tilting Vit – Rich Rohrke
Influence of Moment of Inertia on F1B Performance – Li Renda
A Small Hub Folding Propeller – Ed Lidgard
A Reversible Helicopter – Mark Young
Wakefield Propellers, the State of the Art – Joe Maxwell
Variable Pitch Front End for Wakefields – Robert Piserchio
From the “Rara Avis” Nest – Anselmo Zeri
Aluminum Skin Wings – Randy Archer
F1C Motor Models, Balancing and Building – Georgio Venuti
Composite Wakefield Wings – Heiko Rapp-Wurm
Making Carbon Fiber Spar Caps – Allard Van Wallene
F1B Propeller Construction – Louis Joyner
The Inside Story – James Richmond
What to Do After the Dope Dries – Robert White
Ed Konefes’ Sheet Aluminum Winding Stooge – Charles Sotich
How to Find the Thermal By Using the Streamer – Zhou Yaodong
Models of the Year – Jon Zeisloft

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