1990 Symposium


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Pitch Stable Power – Stan Hinds
Paper Dyno – Maximizing Power – Bob Mattes
Zipper and the Gyro – Gyroscopic Effect – Frank Zaic
Flying the Prototype Zipper 1938 – Dick Obarski
Winglets – Are They Useful For Models? – Hewitt Phillips
Wakefield Thermal Dynamics – Brian Martin
Rubber Energy Storage – Fred Pearce
Rubber: Calculating the Capability – Fred Rash
Some Model Uses of PC Spreadsheets – Harlan Halsey
Simple Efficient Rubber Winding Stooge – Harlan Halsey
Triangular Structures – Ramon Katigbak
Take Another Step Up to P-30U – Bob Hatschek
Composite Construction Modern Materials – Jim Bradley
Molding I-Beam Spars in Carbon Fiber – Richard Blackam
Nordic Wings Structural Design – Jim Parker
Calculating Indoor Flight – Walter Erbach
Balsa Stiffness Testing – Jim Richmond

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