1993 Symposium


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My Heart Goes Soaring – Charles Rushing
It’s As Simple As That – Bob Waterman
The Nffs Symposium Reports – George Xenakis
F1A towing and Bunting – Andrew B. Bauer
How to Successfully Steer Indoor Model Aeroplanes – Laurie Barr
Canard Design – Douglas D. Joyce, Jr.
Propeller Analysis Suitable for Larger Rubber Models – Bill Bogart
How to Size Fins for Model Airplanes – Len Sherman
Tiltwing Design – Hank Cole
Butt Laminated Propeller Blades for Rubber-Powered Model Airplanes – William Saunders
Aspect Ratio for Minimum Sink Speed for 1/2a Power Model – Bob Leiber
Cartoon Portfolio – Will Nakashima
Nffs Digest Tech Notes – A Compilation – George Xenakis
Vortex Generators, Laminar and Turbulent Flow With Applications to Model Aircraft – Paul Fleming, Jr.
On Wing Load Computation – Max Chernoff
An Integrated System for the Testing and Usage of Rubber – Jim O’Reilly
The Davis Airfoils – Philip Krueger
Ten Models of the Year – Bruce Kimball
Hall of Fame Inductees: Hardy Brodersen Jim Clem Anthony Italiano Harry Murphy – Bob Waterman

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