1994 Symposium


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How Does An Airfoil Produce Lift – Hewitt Phillips
Ideal Angle of Attack – Bob Meuser
Lift – Andrew Bauer
How An Airfoil Does Not Produce Lift – Bob Mauser
Linear Aerodynamics For Swept Wings – Max Chernoff
Try A Pinhole Turbulator – M.M. Gates
Passive Boundary Layer Control – George Xenakis
Active Surface Treatment – Beginnings – M.J. Whittemore Jr.
F1A: Variations On An Optimized Bunt AndrewBauer,
Wing Wake Effect – Longitudinal Stability – Fred Pearce
Reynolds Number Effects on Model Trim – George Xenakis
New Approach To F1A Glider Trimming – Peter J. Allnut
Center Of Gravity Question – Henry Cole
Speed Effects On Model Trim – George Xenakis
Practical Approach For Spiral Stability – William F. McCombs
Light-Weight Timers for Small Power Model – Bruce Augustus
FF Scale Modeling – Bill Warner
Thermals – E. Wallenhorst
An Ornithopter Wing Design – James DeLaurier
Symbols Nomenclature Model Aeronautics – Hewitt Phillips
Errata – Bob Meuser
Design Of The Stealth Bomber – Bob Meuser

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