1999 Symposium


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Model Design, New Construction and Flight Adjustments
Applications of Rubber Model Design Theories, Peter King
Trim and Stability in Free Flight, William F. McCombs
Basic Dynamics of Airflow and Lift Generation, Reid Hull
Altitude Effects on Rubber Model Stability and Performance, Len Sherman
Use of Models to Solve Problems of Full-Scale Airplanes, Hewitt Phillips
Coconut Concept for Light Construction of Scale Models, David Rees
Experiments with Microfilm, Hermann Andresen
High Ceiling Aluminum-Skinned Wing IHLG, Len Surtees
Comparisons of Rubber, Electric and CO2 Power Sources, Fritz Mueller

What’s Up Front Still Counts, Jean Pailet
Static Propeller Testing, Richard Nelson
Rubber Testing Techniques, Robert Piserchio

Model Components and Support Equipment
The Indoor Model Box, Jim Richmond
Skywalker Mulvihill Propeller, Joe Williams (Stephen E. Sova; Bob Hatschek)
The Liberty Propeller, Robert Hatschek
High-Tech Rubber Motor Winders, Orville Olm
F1B: Combining Components, Louis Joyner
TAN II Rubber: A Journey, John Clapp
Electronic Timer Development, Allard van Wallene
Story of an F1A Strain Gauge Tow Hook, Ken Bauer
Onboard Electronics: Are They Worthwhile? William Bogart
Mini-Combo Seelig Timers: Set-Up, Use and Care, Robert L. Perkins

Model Spotting, Tracking and Lessons Learned in Retrieval
Binoculars: Characteristics and Choices, Fred Pearce
Model Retrieval with Auto-Mounted Whip Antennae, William Prensky
Using Your Radio Retrieval System, Stephen Spence
GPS: A Position Paper on Use in Retrieval, Julian Pennington
Tale of a Chase: “Eureka”, in the Tall Corn, Chris Parkyn
Tale of a Chase: The Search for a Lost F1J, Robert L. Perkins

British SLOP: Background, Methods and the Future, Phillip Ball
Free Flight Simplicity, Keith Hoover
Wet Weather Flying, Michael Woodhouse

Rules, Junior Programs and the Future of Free Flight
The AMA Rules for Thought, Jim Bocckinfuso and Brad Bane
What’s Happening to Free Flight? Robert Johannes
Beginner 2000, Jorgen Korsgaard
Where are the Youth in Model Aviation? John Clapp

Recognitions, Awards and Honors
Aeromodellers Who Helped Change the World, Rex Hinson
Ten Models of the Year, Chaired by Larry Kruse
Hall of Fame, Chaired by Jim Haught
State of the NFFS Robert Stalick, President

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