2003 Symposium


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Optimum Trimming for F1B Models – Peter King
Headwind Glide Performance Analysis – Richard Huang
Aerodynamic Performance of Thin Curved-Plate Airfoils with Different Maximum Camber Locations – Kyle W. Hansen and W. Jerry Bowman
F1E Handlaunched Gliders Flight Tests – Daniel Petcu
Airfoils Are Good, If They Look Good – Fritz Mueller
Downthrust, Incidence and Decalage a Non-Technical View – Rex Hinson
Aerodynamic Characteristics of the “Hofsass Espada” –  Masaru Koike and Werner Wertz

Learning to Lover the Mogle Timer – Bob Johannes
The Variable Diameter Indoor Prop – Jim Richmond
The Elastic Band is the Beating Heart of the Wakefield – Richard Blackam
Free Flight Glider Recovery: Old and New Models  – Daniel Petcu
From Scarlette to Painted Lady – Mike Segrave
Use of Strain Gauges in Free Flight – Hermann Andresen
P-30: The Next Generation – Mike Evatt
Laser Cutting – Mike Fruciano
Hand Launch Gliders – Kevin Moseley
Rubber Energy Output – Fred Pearce

History and Philosophy
Papers from the Past—Excerpts from the 1954 Model Aeronautics Conference (London) – Louis Joyner
The Works and Organization of the L.S.A.R.A.  – N.K. Walker
The Development of the L.S.A.R.A. High Climb Layout – T.W. Smith
Model Aerofoils and Turbulence Effects –  F.W. Schmitz
Team Management and Changes in 35 Years of World Championships – Martin Dilly
A Case for Reducing the Number of Powered Free Flight Events – Robert Stalick

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