2004 Symposium


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F1A Bunt Computer Simulations – Ken Bauer
Selected Wing Designs for F 1 A and F 1 B – Hank Cole
The PinTurbulator – Rudolf Hibbinger
Computer Simulation of Rubber Powered Models – Paul Rossiter
Eliminating the Pusher Climb Trouble – William McCombs
Tips on Tips – Hermann Andresen

Composite Molding at Elevated Temperatures – Allard van Wallene
Put Your Electric in the Clouds – Charles Groth
Profili V. 2.0, A Review – Peter King & Sergio Montes
Growing Your Club – David Mills
Lithium Polymer Batteries for Electronic Propulsion – Charles Groth
Rubber Testing – Ron Pollard
Building F 1 E Gliders – Daniel Petcu
Variations on a Theme by Richmond – Mike Seagrave
Eucalyptus 1 Airfoil – Art Lonergan
Beginning Free Flight Power: A ]ourney Don Deloach

History and Philosophy
Learning to Fly with a Flight Log – Aimee Raymond
The End of History Part 2 – Michael Woodhouse
The More I Fly the Better I Get – Charles Dorsett
The Shape of Things to Come – Ron Pollard

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