2005 Symposium


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History & Philosophy
Once upon a Time in America and in Two or Three Dozen Countries as Well – Michael Warren
In Memory of Free Flight (or – “Why Don’t the FAl/CIAM Come to Their Senses?”) – Art Lonegan
Time for a Change – Ron Pollard

Vintage, Classic and Nostalgia
Another Mystery Model – the (CW2)- Eric Cooper, Bob Wells, Michael J. Woodhouse & Charles Williment
Club Classic Rubber Duration Memorable Models of the 1950’s – Martyn Pressnell
Nostalgia Power and the Cranfield Classic – Allan Brown
Classic Gliders – A Very Personal View – Rod Audley

Airfoils with Conic Camber – John Barker
T he Effects of Air Conditions on Model Performance – Peter King
Catapu l t Glider Launching Theories – Kurt Krempetz

Pultrusion Processing – Maarten van Djik
Advanced Composites the Way Forward? – Mike Francies

FIB Enjoyment and the Single Bladed Prop – Georges Matherat & Jea n Wantzenreither
Prop Talk and Whittling Props – Fritz Mueller
Sunrise and Stabilisers – Rainer Lotz & Helmut Werfl
Open Electric – A Practical Approach, Getting Started with Unlimited Electric Models – Trevor Grey
Rise Off Water (ROW) – Ed Mate
Large Open Power – Trevor Payne
Peter Harris a Tribute – Michael J. Woodhouse
Experiments in Flapped Wing FIA – Allard van Wallene
Improving the Breed, Modifying Hand Launched Glider Kits – Peter Lloyd
Know Your EZB (Or how to become an expert) – Laurie Barr
Balsa Stiffness Testing – Bernie
Hunt Fibres and Filaments for Indoor Duration Models – Nick Aikman
Join the Jet-Set! – Richard Crossley

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