2006 Symposium


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Dynamics of the Catapult Glider Launch – Robert Thoren
F lQ Basics – Aram Schlosberg
The F1E Magnetic Rudder – Claudio Bognolo
Wood Grain Direction in Spar Webs – Stan Hinds

The Three Essential Items for Trouble-Free FF Models – William McCombs
An Effective DT System for Lightweight Models – Sean O’Connor
Building an FIE Steering Mechanism – Daniel Petcu
F1C Static Thrust Tests – Gilbert Morris
Metal Insert Minimizes Geared Engine Vibration – Gilbert Morris
Putting Your AMA Electric Powered Model Into the Winner’s Circle – Ron St. Jean
The Meteor Boat ROW – Edward Mate

Some ClAM Perspective and Relevance – Daniel Tracy
Fl y On! The Leper Squadrons – Art Lonergan
Twelve Free Flight Heresies – David Mills

Bob White Remembered
NFFS Hall of Fame Biography – NFFS Sympo 1988
Bob White Receives FAl Penaud Diploma – Al Hotard
My First Encounter with Bob White – George Schroedter
BobWhite – C hampion – Norm Furutani
A Personal Tribute to Bob White – Dave Rounsaville
Bob White Remembered – Randy Secor
Bob White and the Danish Flag Incident – Jim Parker
Bob White and the Bear – Al Hotard
Bob White: Another Side – George Batiuk Jr
My Friend Bob White: Memories from the Field – Willi a m Nakashima

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