2010 Symposium


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The Question Remains, Three Years Later, To Flap or Not to Flap – Per Findahl
That Elusive CG – Peter Allnut
F1A Mechatronics – Allard Van Wallene and Rene Limberger

Full Skin Carbon Wings – Dieter Siebenmann
C28 – Eugeniusz Cofalik’s FIB Design Flown in the 2009 W/C in Croatia – Eugeniusz Cofalik
Variable Pitch and Variable Diameter Props for FIB & G – Peter King
Rubber Propeller Folding Over the Years – Peter Gruenbaum

Features of Folder/Flapper Wing in F1C Design – Gil Morris

FIE Steering System Using CMPS03 Electronic Compass – Claudio Bognolo

Electric Free Flight – Klaus Salzer

FF Scale
Development of Multi-Motor Rubber Powered Scale Model Aircraft – Bill Henn
Counter-rotating Propeller Drives for Rubber Scale Models – Keith Sterner

FFn-FreeFlight News – Ian Kaynes
NFFS Digest History Project for the 2010 Sympo – Don Deloach
The History of the German FF Magazine-Thermiksense – Bernhard Schwendemann

High Endurance Airfoils for Small HLG and CLG Models – Brian Eggleston, Paul Love and Ken Bauer
Vertical Stabilizer Airfoils – The Forgotten Section – Louis Joyner
Old Tools for New “Restricted” Classes – Jean Wantzenriether

Modifying Tomy- Toy Mechanisms for Free Flight Timers – Edgardo Figueroa

The (Inexorable?) March of Technology Within Free Flight Aeromodelling – Michael Woodhouse

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