2011 Symposium


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General Interest
Newcomers and Free Flight Modeling – Glen Simpers
Capacitor-Powered Free flight and the Science Olympiad – Chuck Marcos
Disjointed Memories of Brockenspar – Hardy Brodersen
The Story of a Longstanding Club: The C.I.A. Central Indiana Modelers – M. I. Whittemore

It’s All in your Head – Louis Joyner
Trimming Classic Power Models- Bob Hanford
Gliders -A Primer for the Intermediate Modeler – Gene Ulm
A Compilation of Historical Papers on Rubber Model Trimming – The Editor
CG vs. Tail Volume Coefficient – Jim O’Reilly
Twenty Terrific Tips from the Annals of the Free Flight Digest – Bob Stalick
Outdoor Freeflight Covering Materials for Intermediate Modelers – Tom Ioerger
Covering the Free Flight Model – Ralph Smalley and Dave Lacey
What Next? – David Mills

Estimating Rubber Cross-Section Requirements for Small Models – Don Srull
Single Lipo Electric Power for Small Free Flight Scale and Sport Models – Stew Meyers
Lobomir Koutny, His Scale Models and His Wonderful Aeromodelling Book – Bernard Guest

Sensitivity of Flight Time vs. Aspect Ratio and Plan Form – Jon Champion
Single Cylinder Engine Balance – John Shannon
Airfoils for F1C Power Models – Brian Eggelston
Low Drag Airfoil F1A 3D Analysis – Claudio Bognolo
Some Reflections on Hand Glide Tests, Wind Gradients – Peter King
What Ever Happened to May ’99 Tan 2? – Ron Pollard
Rubber Mechanics – Aram Schlosberg
A short History of Our F1E Adventure – Paul Seren
Energy Management and the Free Flight Modeler – David Lacey

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