2013 Symposium


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What 51 P3O Design’s TeII Us About Dynamics – Jean Wantzenriether
The Genesis of the ModernF1B Propeller – Sergio Montes
Glow Engines and Electric Motors a Method for Comparison – Chris Stoddart
Tips for Winning Power Contests – Gene Smith
Calculating FlQ Motor Runtimes and Measuring Energy – Dick Ivers
Geriatric Free Flight – Jerry Murphy
Photographing Free Flight Models – Pat Dailey
2OI2 Geneseo: A Journal – Tom Hallman
The Electric Free Flight Forum – Randy Reynolds

In the Shop
Struts for SmaII Models – Stew Myers
Transitioning From Board Design to CAD Design – Mike Midkiff
Sidebar on Laser Cutting – Charlie Bice
Building Foam Free Flight Wings – Jim Buxton

General Interest
Free Flighters Make Great Nobel Prize Winners! – Rick Pangell
The State of Indoor Free Flight – and the NFFS Indoor Committee – John Kagan
Float – The Indoor Documentary – Ben Saks & Phil Kibbe
The National Free Flight Society Foundation – Updates for the Membership – Bob Stalick
The AMA Rules…Everything You Need to Know to Have Your Voice Heard – Jerry Murphy

SaI Taibi’s 70 Years of Competition – Kevin Sherman
Satellite History – Mike Schwartz

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