2016 NFFS Symposium


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The NFFS Annual Symposia cover all aspects of indoor and outdoor free flight, plus theory and practice. Also included are members of the Hall of Fame, and the outstanding models of the year. For a complete listing of all Sympo contents

Photographing our Hobby – Clemens
Magazine Digitizing and Archiving – Friestad

Alex Andriukov
Artyem Babenko

Computations at Reynolds Numbers Appropriate to Coupe d’Hiver (F1G) Models – Brocklehurst
LDA-R Airfoils – Bognolo
Small Mulvihill, Some Thoughts And Some Simulations in this Popular New Rubber Class – King
OHS Configuration of Free Flight Models – Seyfang
Two New LDA Series for F1A Flappers – Midic
Performance of Rubber Powered Scale Models, Why Their Performance is less than Competition Free Flight Models – Srull

Rubber Testing: Myths and Realities – Rossiter
Thermals and Picking Lift – Rossiter
Objective Time-Keeping – van Wallene
FlQ Commentary – Schlosberg
Pistachio Scale Models Powered by Supercaps – Eder
Computerized Rubber Testing – Allen
Calibrating Rubber Winders – Picol and Rossiter

FlC a technological History – Joyner
Vintage FAl-60 Years In the Making – Stalick and Schwartz
Evolution of Free Flight, and a Peek into the Future – Newell
FlC Engines, a Historical Overview – Murphy

2016 Models of the Year
2016 Hall of Fame
2016 Presidential Message
2016 Patrons

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