2019 British Free Flight Forum


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Only Joules and Forces,Peter Watson
Classic 1/2A Models, Simon Dixon
Trimming the Sopwith Snipe, Mike Smith
Russell Strips, Russell Peers
Testing June 2016 Tan Super Sport in April 2017, Tim Chant
Developments in Carbon Wing Construction, Stuart Darmon
Buckminster – We’ve Got It; How Can We Use It? Gavin Manion/ Stuart Darmon
The Management of Models, Mike Woodhouse
Combined BMFA Rubber and CdH (F1G), Phil Ball
Drone Legislation and Free Flight, Dave Phipps
The Rate of Climb of Model Aircraft, Dr. John Gibbings
A Review of Contemporary FAI Space Modeling,  Stuart Lodge
GPS Versus Radio Trackers, Michael Woodhouse
About Time, Chris Edge
“W” Style Geodesic Ribbing for Model Aircraft and Microlights, Dennis Oglesby
Flat Plates, Cambered Plates, and Couple Airfoils, Alan Brocklehurst
FAI Free Flight Since the BOM, Stuart Darmon
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