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The NFFS Annual Symposia cover all aspects of indoor and outdoor free flight, plus theory and practice. Also included are members of the Hall of Fame, and the outstanding models of the year.

Spiral Vs. Vertical Climbs – Which is Better? – Harry Grogan
Thermals And Picking Lift – An Update – Paul Rossiter
Trimming a Models Climb – Alex Andruikov
Use and Abuse of GPS Trackers – Chris Edge
Flying F1E – Bob Sifleet

Performance Testing of F1C Propellers – Brian Eggleston
A New F1Q Design with Geared Motor and F1B Propeller – Sergei Vorvihost
Optimization of Global Factors in Indoor Model Design – David Aronstein
The Development of Electronic Steering for F1E Model Aircraft – Tom Ioerger

Building and Using Laser Technology – John Lorbiecki
3D Printing – A Path to Custom Parts That Anyone Can Walk – Paul Bradley

Propagation Of The Faith
Free Flight From a Youth Perspective – Bob Slalick and Adelaide Machado Ulm
F1E History And Development – Geroge Arghir
Remembering Bill Gieskieng – One Person’s Affair With aa Hobby – Rick Pangell
P-18 a “New” Beginners Event – John Mcgrath and Jerry Murphy

History and Commentary
Finals: Thermals, Performance and Grace – Aram Schlosberg
F1E History and Evolution in Numbers – Daniel Petcu
2019 Models of the Year
2019 Hall of Fame
2019 Presidential Message
2019 Patrons of The NFFS Symposium

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