2020 Symposium


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The NFFS Annual Symposia cover all aspects of indoor and outdoor free flight, plus theory and practice. Also included are members of the Hall of Fame, and the outstanding models of the year.

Theory And Technology
Xoptfoil Airfoil Optimization – Claudio Bognolo
Airfoil Camber Selection for a Short F1A Model – Brian Eggleston
Origins And Construction of the Joukowsky Airfoils – Sergio Montes
A Peterborough FET Timer Modification – Chris Stoddart
Using 3d Manufacturing for Free Flight Model Parts – Tapio Linkosalo
Timer/Altimeter for Catapult Launched Gliders – Frank Perkins

Rules And Scoring
May the Best Man Win! – Gary Hinze
FAI Disqualifications or Time Penalties – Aram Schlosberg
Rules: Past, Present, and Future – Louis Joyner

Flying And Competition
The Details of Catapult Glider Flying -Tim Batiuk
Fundamentals of a Wing Wedge – Gilbert Morris
Flying Free Flight Scale Models – Wally Farrell
FAC Jet Catapult Scale-An Approach That Proved Successful
– Kurt Krempetz And Randall Krystosek
Strategies for Competition – Dan Berry
Walkalong Gliders – David Aronstein
The Road to the World Champs – Faust Parker
How I Got Started in Free Flight – Skylar Donnelly, Jace Pivonka, and Adelaide Machado Ulm
F1Q-More Model Types And Energy Monitors – Aram Schlosberg

The Evolution of F1A Launching Technique – Per Findahl
History of the Texas (Cliff) Cloud Climbers – Mike Fedor
History of the Tustin Blimp Hanger – Michael Schwartz
History of the National Free Flight Society,
An Interview With Bob Stalick – Travis Russell

2020 Models of The Year
2020 Hall of Fame
2020 Presidential Message
2020 Patrons of the NFFS Symposium

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