2021 Symposium


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The NFFS Annual Symposia cover all aspects of indoor and outdoor free flight, plus theory and practice. Also included are members of the Hall of Fame, and the outstanding models of the year.

Edited by Jack Murphy

Air Picking – Tiffaney O’Dell
Ode to Sifleet and Sotich – Ed
Vintage FAI – Bill Swift
Golden Age 1/2 A -Mike Schwartz
Competition Committee Activity 2000 To 2020 – Bob Mattes
National Cup Program – Bob Hanford
History of the MMAC – Dave Edmonson, Edited By Rick Pangell
Delaurier Wind Tunnel – Brian Eggleston, James Delaurier, Yuri Shvedenkov
Eclectic Electrics – Jack Murphy
Stability and Control of Fixed Surface Power Models – Harry Grogan
Openscad 3d Modeling Program – Roie Black
Tip Launch Glider Dynamics – Ken Bauer, Kurt Krempetz, Paul Love
F1A Flapper Mechanics – Lauri Malila
Indoor Scale Techniques – George Bredehoft
Covering Materials Strengths And Tests – Mike Kirda
Laminated Propeller Process – Dean Hart
Creating The K Prop – Yoshinobu Imai
Timers – Bernard Guest
F1C Auto/Sonic Timer – Gil Morris
Science Olympiad Partnership –
Chuck Andraka, Brian Turnbull, Andrew Welter, Anjulie Sorbello, Josiah Rose, Monet Ramacciotti, Rachel Lee
Models Of The Year – Mike Fedor, Chair
Hall Of Fame – Faust Parker, Chair
Presidential Message
Patrons of the NFFS Symposium

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