Building and Flying an Indoor Model Airplane


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The goal of this DVD is to introduce beginners, age 12 and up, with no previous experience, to free flight in a way that enhances their chances of success. The vehicle for this is a rubber powered indoor model that has been updated to meet the specifications of the 2015 Science Olympiad program. Mark Allison, the designer and instructor in this DVD, is both an experienced modeler and a teacher who works with youngsters in building and flying free flight models. He teaches model building classes to newcomers ranging in age from 12 years through adult. The NFFS and the NFFS Foundation hope to involve as many young people, parents and other adults as possible in free flight. DVD Table of Contents: 1. Model And Terminology 2. Tools 3. Weighing and selecting balsa wood 4. Shaping balsa wood 5. Ribs and Small parts 6. Wing spars 7. Fuselage 8. Tail boom 9. Building board 10. Building end plates 11. Building the stabilizer 12. Building the wing 13. Building the tail boom 14. Propeller 15. Rear motor hook 16 Covering end plates 17. Covering the wing. 18. Assembling the wing 19. Assembling the tail boom 20. Alternate stabilizer 21. Rubber motors 22. Center of gravity 23. Winding 24. Flight log 25. Helicopters 26. Flying 27. Flight Footage

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