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Table of Contents – SEN 2016

  1. Dave Burley
  2. Help for North American Cup
  3. Model for sale
  4. F1C Fuel @ MaxMen

Dave Burley

In the last SEN John Clapp was asking for information on Dave Burley

Dave, working with his friend Ralph Cooney were among the pioneers making on Electronic timers for F1B and Power events.
Sadly Dave died last year and unfortunately all the information on to how to program his timer chip has been lost.
His friend, Bruce Hannah has information on parts that are used and where they go but not how to set up the firmware.
There are no timers available now. Bruce says that Dave was a very smart guy, he liked working with him and he is missed by his many flying friends.

Score entering for North American Cup – on Wed 10 Feb

From: tony mathews <>

Hi Roger,
I had a person lined up to enter scores on my laptop for the North American Cup. However, yesterday they informed me that they wouldn’t be able to come. Do you think you could put the word out that I’m looking for a volunteer (paid) to help with entering scores for my contest? We can pay them. They must be able to use excel.


Model for sale:
m&k extra long flapper , was belong to Mikhail Kochkarev
Model is ready to fly and will be in Lost Hills
Price is: 1300€

Thanks: Mati Moskovich

F1C FUEL – For MaxMen Contest Only

Only fuel provided by the Contest Organizers may be used for official flights. The fuel is a 16% Synthetic + 4% Castor Oil blend mixed by Red Max specifically for this contest and is less than 30 days old. Factory sealed containers will be opened and placed in Fuel Stations prior to Round 1.


Roger Morrell