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Table of Contents – SEN 2184

  1. J v P
  2. B 4 sale
  3. Fab Feb 2017

More Dino on J vs P
From: Michael Achterberg
Very true.
Austin was a very excellent flyer. If the powers to be want juniors to participate just like they did at the intro to P, have it open to both J and P at next Champs. No one will fly P.
Now, as to performance issue with J. Lets fix that.  A 7 sec. motor run with no weight limit meant u could literally fly with good pattern and bunt and glide 10 sec and DT and make a max. 2min.. Wow..
I propose a 5 sec motor run with a minimum weight of 225 gr. Roughly 8 oz.. Austin models weighed 6oz.. This will still be fast and the juniors will love it…. Simple to fly.
Now, someone going to scream cost. Not a problem. There are at least 200 of my models laying on a shelve somewhere around the world. And 100’s more from the Ukraine available with a simple ad on Sen. An they will be cheap..
So let the kids have some fun again..
Thermals, Michael
Ps. And No I don’t have any for sale.. Actually never flew the event.. So Im not trying to sell models. This is not why Im proposing this…F1p is a stupid event. Hard to fly and No fun…
Thank you..

F1B model for sale

From: Gaetano Vaccaro
Andriukov 180 cm F1B model for sale. Complete with Simplicity 4 (with altimeter) timer and Companion RDT unit. Model weighs 201 gm including hook and bobbin and is like new with less than 25 trim flights on it.
I’m selling this because it’s the only model I have with the Simplicity timer. The rest of my models use M&K timers and I’m so used to those I never fly this model.
From Alex’s website this model and Companion unit now sells for $2415.00 delivered. I’m asking $1750.00 delivered in Con. USA
If interested please contact me at “”

Fab Feb Advance info
The dates for the 2017 February Lost Hills contests are as follows:

Friday 10 Open for Ike and Kiwi Cup entries at Lost Hills
Saturday 11 Kiwi World Cup – F1ABCPQ + AMA Events
Sunday 12 Ike Mini FAI Events F1HGJS + AMA Events
Monday 13 Feb Kiwi Word Cup F1E
Tuesday 14 Ladies Tea Party
Wednesday 15 North American Cup F1ABCPQ
Thursday 16 California Cup F1E
Friday 17 MaxMen World Cup F1A, America’s Cup Banquet
Saturday 18 MaxMen World Cup F1BCPQ
Sunday 19 MaxMen Mini Events F1HGJS
Monday 20 MaxMen Reserve day and Presidents day public holiday

Subject to AMA, MFNZ, MAAC and FAI approval of sanctions, etc
Flyers and online entry information will appear in due course

roger Morrell