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(from latest Free Flight Digest of NFFS)

Wanda Walston wishes to announce that her husband and our friend Jim Walston is now in an assisted living facility suffering from the later stages of Alzheimers. Wanda advises that all the products and services provided by him can be found with his supplier, Wildlife Materials of IL (). All Free Flight inquiries should be directed to Mike C. at 1-800-842-4537. Mike was Jim’s longtime contact with the company and is very familiar with Jim’s product line. As might be expected, the status of Jim’s unfinished business is in disarray. Wanda and David Mills of the TTOMA club are beginning the effort to untangle his last orders and shipments, so that things can be put right to the degree possible at this time. Look for further word on this effort here in the near future. We beg everyone’s continuing patience in this regard. Any questions in the interim should be directed to me ( —David Mills

(from latest Free Flight Digest of NFFS)

At the January AMA Executive Council (EC) meeting at AMA Expo West, I was tasked to give a report about the possibility of an indoor multi-use flying site (Free Flight being the main design criteria). I did that. The council asked me to come back at the July meeting with more details on the concept. That is where I am at now. There is no time-line in place. New President Rich Hanson is very interested in moving this forward, but there are no specific plans, costs or anything other than a conceptual design (which is attached). Keep in mind that no SIG or other groups have had input to this design, as it is just a concept to create discussion points for this idea. I am very hopeful that after the July meeting, the Council will take the next step toward approving this concept. If that happens, then more details on design will need to be fleshed out within the PADCOM committee that handles these site improvements. So…while I am optimistic, there has been no Council approval for anything other than to bring them more info in July. I think it is appropriate to mention to the NFFS membership that the EC is considering building an Indoor Site at the IAC in Muncie, but much more planning must happen before there is a solid project to bring to them for a vote. While the design details are in flux, based on conversations I have had with several Indoor Free Flighters, we are looking at a Category III site, 200 x 300 feet with a 100-foot ceiling…Might not happen, but that is our starting point. I promise that NFFS will be involved in this project, should the EC decide to move forward with it. There will be other groups as well, as this building, while designed for Indoor FF, will be a multi-purpose one, that will include RC, CL and Drone Racing, as well as swap meets, conventions, etc.
Tony Stillman
Flying Site Assistance Coordinator/Technical Director
Academy of Model Aeronautics

(from latest Free Flight Digest of NFFS)

The Delta Dart, or AMA Cub, has been a staple of youth activities for generations. I’m sure as you read this, memories of your experiences with a Delta Dart are flooding back. I tried to figure out how many of these the AMA Education department sends out each year, but because of the different ways they go out, it’s virtually impossible. I think it’s safe to say that 10s, if not 100s of thousands of these have been sent out for kids to build at events with our members. Several years ago, we kind of threw a wrinkle into that by introducing the venerable FPG-9. Now we have a foam glider that is easy to put together for all ages and demonstrates controlled flight! And yet, the Delta Darts continue to go out the door. Don’t misunderstand me— the Delta Dart has served a great and noble purpose. I just think there has to be something better. The days of taking #11 blades and CA glue into a classroom are long gone. The FPG-9 is great, but it is hand launched, and if you’ve presented those, wouldn’t it be nice to have a next step? Well now you do! We introduced the AMA Alpha at AMA Expo West and confirmed details at Expo East. The Alpha is a rubber power airplane that will provide amazing flight duration, but also controlled flight and maybe best of all, can be quickly disassembled, placed in the box it came in, and taken home to fly again. The heart of this new airplane is the fuselage made of traditional stick balsa and the clip. Ah, the clip. Used in thousands of airplanes decades ago, the clip disappeared because it was cheaper to put a cut in the fuselage and slide the wing through. The problem with that approach (among many) is that taking it apart and carrying it home went away. These designs became profit centers for selling a “model airplane” in a restaurant along the interstate. They sure as heck didn’t fly well. The Alpha does—extremely well. Each Alpha kit will include a winder, three FAI tan rubber motors, and a box to keep it in. Tom Sanders has been instrumental in helping us develop this aircraft and we’re excited to tell you that it will be available by the end of summer, just in time for school next fall!
—Bill Prichett,
AMA Education

Tropik F1A for sale

I want to sell my Tropik F1A glider in Classic config. (straight towhook). Carbon wing and Ikarex covering. Designed by Lars Larsson span 2.15 m. It is suitable for beginners with a mentor or returning older freeflighters who wants to start competing. The sale includes a winch with 50 m towline. It has a mechanical timer and an interchangeable RCDT module. The RCDT module includes a servo and Lipo battery but needs a Rx and Tx. This makes it possible to trim on smaller fields.
Preliminary costs are from DHL and includes delivery to byers home address.
Model 50 Euro, , Freight costs 50 Euro.
Total 100 Euro.
This is in Europe. USA would be more costly like 150 Euro.
Please communicate via E:mail:
Picture can be sent.

Looking for C wings

I would like to buy a pair of older style Babenko folder wings, either taper tips or rounded tips.

please contact

Thanks Neil Pollock