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  1. Free mapping app for Szentes WC field
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Free mapping app for Szentes WC field

Dear friends.
We invite anyone, even those not using fx12 yet, to download our latest free fx12 app. It’s map now shows additional features of the Szentes World Championship field, including bridges, and other useful details. Special thanks to Chris Edge for providing the initial KML file.

fx12 free download on the AppStore:


Hint: when you start the fx12 App select the GPS tab in the menu line across the bottom of the screen.

World Champs pre-report- 2

The field was officially available for testing from today.  We found people from Argentina, USA, Russia and New Zealand there bright and early.  People were flying from one edge of the field to take advantage of the wind direction.  It was quite breezy but some brave types did put in some test flights.  The wind seemed to drop a little as the temperature rose.  Temp was in the 35-37 range by midday.  GoOd to see old friends again.

The organizer’s had published the GPS location of the flight line and some people used this with no problem. Others, including us were directed down the wrong road. It appears that whoever’s GPS map  Ford and Renault use don’t recognize the access road to the fields, while Google Maps, however GEF/Chris Edge did it and Pokemon Go found the correct road.  The distance from Szentes and the photo on the organizer’s web site show the correct road. When driving from Szentes there is a large factory followed by some green house on the left just before the turn off.  Also on the road just at the exit from Szentes was a traffic cop.

Thermiksense Blog W/C F1ABC
Bernhard Schwendemann


on Sunday the free-flight championship  F1ABC will start.
On the website of the magazine Thermiksense the blog is already running:

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