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  1. SEN from the field
  2. Boy with Crazy Grand Parents
  3. 2 sets of Eagle Eyes spotted …

SEN from the field
With our SEN provider we have the capability of sending SEN from the field.  This is called a flash. You will have seen some of these during this World Champs.  These are done from a smart phone and must include an image, the last one featuring John Carter from the UK.  Because it is done from a phone we tend to make more than the usual number of typos.  We don’t give these a regular SEN number.

Boy with Crazy Grand Parents
Once upon a time there was a boy who lived a normal life in Virginia, USA, but he had crazy grandparents.  When normal grandparents take their grandkids on their first trip to Europe, they visit the Eiffel Tower and the Arc D’Triomphe, see the changing of the guard at Buck House and look at Jewels in the Tower of London, etc. … But NO!  These crazy grandparents took him to Hungary, not that there anything wrong with that but they went 2 hours from the beautiful city of Budapest into some field in the country side, with a canal, swamp, some flying bugs, scratchy vegetation and asked him to find toy airplanes. We almost forgot to mention the wide variety of crops to hide model airplanes and the temperature cranked up to 40 C.  He needed to Google that C thing.  Then they introduced him to a bunch their crazy friends, like that guy who lives way Beyond the Edge and speaks some incomprehensible dialect of English.  Just as well the Inter Web stretches this far, he can find some sanity.

Then they wrote this thing they think is funny; grandson just thinks they are nuts.

2 sets of Eagle Eyes spotted

From:Ian Kaynes


The Budapest Cup F1A results on their web site has a small problem.  Rossler and Klobusicky had tied on 851 sec and flew off to decide the Junior winner and should have been shown at places 20 and 21, but because they sorted on total time, they are shown  as 9th and 10th. It is corrected in my World Cup copy of the results at


From:Klaus salzer

Hopefully the computer program gets corrected for the World champs!

Glaring error in F1A:
There were 3 flyers with a 851 score … 2 did a flyoff (why only 2?), and their FO times were added to their score catapulting them to the top 12 …

Who introduced the silly custom of just adding FO times to the score? The round times should be added first, and the FO times only used to determine the order of any ties!