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NFFS Sympo Needs You, the Guru
From: Ed Carroll

Hi Roger,
I am short on total pages for the new SYMPO, Please post this message on SEN:
I am still short of where I want to be on articles for the 2018 SYMPO.  This is your journal, if anyone has ready to go articles, especially theoretical ones, please send asap.  The copy deadline is here.  If you would like to chat about  your idea, call or email.


Ed Carroll
cell:  818-489-5039

Wawayanda Results
From : Aram Schlosberg

Bob Hatcheck/Challenge,  Wawaywanda NY,
May 19-20, 2018

F1A              1       2      3      4        5       Total
Peter Barron             131     71    180    180     —        562
Andrew Barron            127    123     79    120     —        449

F1B               1      2      3      4      5     Total
Ron Felix                120    120    179    180    180      779

Skyscraper’s Annual,  Wawaywanda NY,

June 23-24, 2018

F1A                  1      2      3      4      5        Total
Andrew Barron          210    109    180    180    240        919
Ken Bauer              112    112    180    180    240        824
Peter Barron           139    133    127    180    151        730
Igor Fradkin           151     75    180    180     78        664
Tzvetan Tzvetkov        78    153    109    105    149        594
Adelaide Ulm            68    155     76    114    108        521
Gene Ulm                   131      22   180     131       0        464

F1B               1      2      3      4      5      Total
Ron Felix              208    180    131    108    240        867

F1G              1      2      3      4       5       Total
Don Rousseau           120     120    120    120    120       600
Larry Pelatowski         0     120    102      0      0       222

F1S                1      2      3      4      5       Total
Drake Hooke               120    120    120    120    120        600
Yuda Avia                 120     88    120    120    120        568
Dick Ivers                120     89    120    112    120        561


With reference to the World Cup Rules etc discussion a few issues back.  There was an outstanding question as to how Frederic, who started it all, might lodge a protest.  One of the replies was to follow the sporting code.  I must admit that I was not familiar with all of those sections of the sporting code, so I “asked” these questions and someone wiser than me replied.

Who can protest the result of a FFWC event? Must a protest be lodged during
the event?

 Reference to the SC4 CIAM General Rules 2018:

C.20.2 Protest

a) All protests must be presented in writing in English to the contest
director of the event, or the appropriate contest director for an event
with multiple classes and must be accompanied by the deposit of a fee. The
amount of this fee shall be the equivalent of 50 Euro. The deposit is
returned only if the protest is upheld.

b) The same person (team manager or competitor depending on the type of
contest) is not permitted to present two consecutive protests on the same

c) Protests must be arbitrated in compliance with FAI Sporting Code General
Section 6.4.

C.20.3 Time limit for lodging protests

a) Before the beginning of the event: a protest against the validity of an
entry, qualification of competitors, the contest rules, the flying and
contest area, the processing of models, the judges or other contest
officials, must be lodged at least one hour before the opening of the

b)  During the event: a protest against a decision of the judges or other
contest officials or against an error or irregularity committed during an
event by another competitor or team manager must be lodged as soon as the
contest situation requires but not later than 60 minutes after the
incident. Note: a protest relative to official results must be lodged as
soon as the official results have been published on the flight site of the
event and no later than the prize-giving.

Also see the FAI Sporting Code General Section 4.16:


4.16.1 JURY APPROVAL: The results of an International Sporting Event shall
be final only when all protests have been dealt with by the Jury and the
Jury has ceased its functions. The final results must be made public before
the prize-giving is held.

*The World Cup Board* is not entitled to deal with any kind of complaint or
protest concerning a single competition, which must be considered by the
FAI Jury for that competition.

Annex 1 Rules for Free Flight World Cup

10. World Cup Board

A Board of three persons shall be nominated by the CIAM Free Flight
Subcommittee Chairman to rule on any issue concerning the implementation of
World Cup rules during a year. Any such issue must be submitted in writing
to the relevant Subcommittee Chairman. The World Cup Board is not entitled
to deal with any kind of complaint or protest concerning a single
competition, which must be considered by the FAI Jury for that competition.


That according to the Sporting Code, it is not possible or practical for a person not at the event to protest the outcome of an event.

It appears that Frederic could lodge a protest to the World Cup Board about the practice of using a D/T fly off to get a conclusion over a series of events but not about an individual event.  It is clear that the World Cup Board protest is lodged through the Subcommitee chairman.  It does not say if it has to be accompanied by a 50 Euro fee like a protest at the individual event must me. I’m not sure if it known who is on the World Cup Board but that is not important as the protest must be lodged with the Free Flight subcommittee chairman, Ian Kaynes.

SEN’s editorial position

The World Cup events are very important for FAI Free Flight, it gives us, the typical, average Free Flight Sportsman the opportunity to take part in major events with the best sportsmen in the world.

The World Cup events have dimension that is not present with single contest, including a World Champs, in that World Cup outcome may be influenced by an event where a major contender did not attend.  It is clearly acknowledged that no one attends all World Cup events and there are differences such as the number of participants and the weather and this is OK.  What can cause a problem is if some apparent non-conforming act by the organizer affects the results and corresponding points allocation.

Our interest is getting clarification so the World Cup and it’s component events can be carried out in a harmonious and fair sporting manner.

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Roger Morrell