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  1. World Cup Kaptains, Komplaints and Kerfuffle
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  3. Clas Hagelstam organiser

World Cup Kaptains, Komplaints and Kerfuffle
Firstly the good news …. If you got to the link below you can see the (revised)  results of the 2019 World Cup for Free Flight model aircraft.

The above report link to an important document about the running of the World Cup events in 2018.
The first was to do with conduct at the last 2 events of the year, actually it may have backfired for the complainants because it caused a number of other event to be scrutinized.  The World Cup score bonus points are dependent on the number of participants in the event. To count as a participant on of the criteria is that the sportsman must have a FAI license.  It turns out that in the  last 2 events a number of the ‘local’ sportsman did not have a FAI ID and the corresponding license. As explained by Ian in the note Israel issues a FAI license to every sportsman. But they did not go through the process of actually registering everyone with the FAI and getting the FAI ID.  Clearly the top people who compete regularly on the international stage are properly documents but not those further down the list.  Because the top 3 in F1A were very close, Ian reviewed other events where the 3 top contenders took part and found a number anomalies. This prompted a further wider audit.

The practice of issuing FAI licenses differs from country to country.  It is my understanding that the FAI does not charge for the licenses. There is a charge for a NAC to belong to the FAI but not a charge for the licenses.  Some countries issue a FAI license to every sportsman at no extra charge, others charge the sportsman.  This charge,  that can be up to $100 US in some countries discourages sportsmen not likely to compete outside their country   to forgo getting a FAI license.  The rationale? for the NAC charging is the admin cost of filing the license request with the FAI.  It is a bit counterproductive as it discourages possible  participation.
The second issue already appeared a number of times in SEN throughout 2018 and concerned the conditions of the use of “D/T FlyOffs”.   This complaint was referred to a World Cup Board of 3 members from the CIAM F1 Subcommittee. The Board concluded unanimously that results from flyoffs not in line with the rules should not be used to order the final results and in these cases the results should show tied positions for first place.  There were a few events were the D/T flyoff was not imposed by the organizer but rather suggested and  agreed upon by the tied sportsmen, these results stood.

Anyone following the World Cup should read this report.
The World Cup Coordinator says he will be tracking this more closely in 2019

Fab Feb Flashe$
Firstly 2 Electric Prize $ Donations for Ike/Kiwi

$ for Electric Champ – includes both AMA and FAI events – donated by Leeper (aka Lee Hines)
$ for E-NOS – donated by Clint Brooks

Details will follow

And count of the 91 entrants by country code

USA    23
CHN    14
GBR    8
FRA    5
ISR    5
DEN    4
JPN    4
ARG    3
AUS    3
CAN    3
GER    3
BIH    2
FIN    2
NOR    2
SUI    2
SWE    2
UKR    2
ARM    1
ESP    1
NZL    1
RUS    1

Clas Hagelstam organiser
From:Adrian Bryant

Sad news.
Clas  Hagelstam organiser  and  contest  director of  the  1950  and 1951
Wakefield Trophy Championships in Finland  died in  Finland over Xmas.
Aged  90.

Adrian  Bryant.

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