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  1. Fab Feb World Cup Sign Ups
  2. All wheel drive chase bike
  3. Pseudo F1N and more

Fab Feb World Cup Sign Ups and more
Firstly the grapevine tells us that there are a number of US sportsmen who have not entered yet, one or two of them did not enter in advance last year.  They professed a lack of ability in embracing modern technology but do seem to be quite capable of handling email and even the dreaded FaceBook.  For these people we may have a PC available for them so they can enter online at the sign up on Frida at the Lost Hills community center.  Running an event of this size ( about 170 entrants so far) and keeping the cost down is only possible with the use of modern technology and cooperation of participants.

Now to the more interesting stuff.  We are getting requests on who has entered.  I would be curious to know which “who” on the list makes you want to enter!  The list below is a “combined” list of the 3 events, while the MaxMen has one or two more people most are in all 3 events.  Looking at the F1A list it goes from Abad to Zak, what more can you want ! And F1B is right there too with Ackerly to Zencheng.. What about Babenko to Summersby too, just need a few more letters.

This year we are making a special effort the check FAI ID and find them for people who don’t know they have them to try and ensure we all get full credit for our actions on the field …. In spite of the IT antics of the FAI and associated NACs ( guess as a retired CIO, I can make such observations)

Now for real …..

Family Name         Given Name          3 Letter Code
Abad                Javier              ESP
Aberlenc            Frederic            FRA
Allnutt             Peter               CAN
Arigos              Lucas               ARG
Arigós              Aníbal Enrique      ARG
Aringer             Luca                AUT
Aringer             Gerhard             AUT
Bachmann            Christoph           SUI
Balassiano          Aviv                ISR
Baños               Alfredo Daniel      ARG
Baruch              Abraham             ISR
Bauer               Ken                 USA
Brocks              Peter               USA
Brun                Pierre              USA
Campbell            Malcolm             AUS
Carter              John                GBR
Cooper              John                GBR
Danier              Jama                CAN
Dong                Ziyi                CHN
Donner              Maxim               GER
Echivard            Didier              FRA
Farkas              Leslie              CAN
Farmer              Jim                 USA
Fathers             Albert              AUS
Findahl             Per                 SWE
Fradkin             Igor                USA
Gao                 Xuyun               CHN
Goldstein           Guy                 USA
Goldstein           Noa                 USA
Greub               Martin              SUI
Issakov             Saar                ISR
Jensen              Steffen             DEN
Jones               Thomas              USA
Kongstad            Karsten             DEN
Machado Ulm         Adelaide            USA
Makarov             Sergey              RUS
Malila              Lauri               SUI
McKeever            Mike                USA
Mitchell            Phil                AUS
Niiranen            Meri                FIN
Nyhegn              Jes                 DEN
Obligenarz          Tomer               ISR
Parker              Jim                 USA
Pecenkovic          Enes                BIH
Pecenkovic          Jasminka            BIH
Persson             Anders              SWE
Puhakka             Risto               USA
Rasmussen           Peter               DEN
Rosenzweig          Shlomi              USA
Saribekyan          Artavazd            ARM
Sitton              Shmulik             ISR
Ulm                 Eugene              USA
Valo                Jari                FIN
Van Nest            Brian               USA
Wang                Huaqiang            CHN
Zak                 Yehuda              ISR


Family Name         Given Name          3 Letter Code
Ackerley            Cameron             CAN
Andriukov           Alexander           USA
Ball                Philip              GBR
Barberis            Didier              FRA
Baruch              Abraham             ISR
Batiuk              George              GER
Benns               Mark                GBR
Bodin               Jean Luc            FRA
Booth               William             USA
Chevenard           Didier              FRA
Clapp               John                USA
Crowley             Paul                USA
Davis               Michael             USA
Dong                Qingming            CHN
Drapeau             Jean Luc            FRA
Eimar               Bror                SWE
Felix               Ronald              USA
Fibish              Tuvia               ISR
Fitch               Jerry               USA
Gannon              William             USA
Ghio                Walt                USA
Gorban              Evgeny              UKR
Guest               Bernard             CAN
Hemsworth           Craig               AUS
Horak               Ladislav            CAN
Ioerger             Thomas              USA
Jensen              Steffen             DEN
Jensen              Blake               USA
Jones               Charlie             USA
Kawai               Ryo                 JPN
Koike               Masaru              JPN
Kovalenko           Mykola              UKR
Kulakovsky          Oleg                UKR
Larsen              Dag Edvard          NOR
Li                  Wenze               CHN
Liu                 Ruizhe              CHN
Lovejoy             Graham              NZL
Malkhasyan          Sevak               USA
Mathews             Tony                CAN
Matsuo              Tetsuro             JPN
McGuckin            Derek               USA
Morgan              Vin                 AUS
Morrell             Roger               NZL
Nereng              Vegar               NOR
Norvall             Larry               USA
Nyhegn              Jes                 DEN
Obligenarz          Tomer               ISR
Paff                Dieter              GER
Richardson          Michael             USA
Saribekyan          Artavazd            ARM
Schlosberg          Aram                USA
Schroedter          Martin              USA
Schwartzbach        Christian           DEN
Seifert             Michael             GER
Sheng               Xinpu               CHN
Simon               Greg                USA
Squires             Paul                NZL
Stefanchuk          Stepan              UKR
Vichar              Igor                UKR
Wang                Na                  CHN
Woolner             Mike                GBR
Wu                  Qiong               CHN
Yoshida             Kazutoshi           JPN
Zhao                Yue                 CHN
Zhencheng           Yuxuan              CHN


Family Name         Given Name          3 Letter Code
Roberts             Mike                USA
Summersby           Roy                 AUS
Perkins             Daryl               USA
Gao                 Yuan                CHN
Faux                Ken                 GBR
Ducassou            François            FRA
Deng                Hongyu              CHN
Ji                  Wei                 CHN
McBurnett           Ron                 USA
Babenko             Artem               UKR
Savukhina           Larissa             RUS
Parker              Faust               USA
Jack                Alan                GBR
Briere              Gauthier            FRA
Buskell             John                CAN
Chesson             Don                 USA
Malkhasyan          Taron               USA
Carroll             Edward              USA
Dong                Ziyi                CHN
Shvedenkov          Yury                CAN

Family Name         Given Name          3 Letter Code
Tarcher             Benjamin            USA
Kaynes              Ian                 GBR
Ioerger             Thomas              USA
Murphy              Jack                USA
Sifleet             Robert              USA
Sitton              Shmulik             ISR
Saribekyan          Artavazd            ARM
Schlosberg          Aram                USA

Family Name         Given Name          3 Letter Code
Brocks              Peter               USA
Chevenard           Didier              FRA
Drapeau             Jean Luc            FRA
Gorban              Evgeny              UKR
Greening            Jack                USA
Ioerger             Thomas              USA
Jones               Geralyn             USA
Kaynes              Ian                 GBR
Parsons             Carl David          USA
Richardson          Michael             USA
Sifleet             Robert              USA
Terzian             Fred                USA

all wheel drive chase bike
From:David Ackery

Readers maybe interested in an alternative to the standard chase bike,
Designed in New Zealand, available in Australia and the USA.


David Ackery

Editor’s Comment – Dave I think I want one of these for next time I fly at Proctor Rd, I would need an extra leg shield for protection against those thistles.

Pseudo F1N and more
We have noticed an increasing number of F1N and F1N [outdoor] events on the European Calendar.  While in the USA true F1N is reserved only for a few special events HLG and CLG (hand and catapult launched glider) events are very popular and have a long history. USA is one of the few places where an outdoor max is 2 minutes.  The F1N World Record holder, Stan Buddenbohm is from Southern California as is the Leeper (Lee Hines), the latter, designer of the classic Sweepette and long time Glider Guru. The Ike Winter Classic that is run in with the Kiwi Cup has 2 such contests for each of HLG/CLG, the McCready ones with a $ prize plus the $100 for a  5X5 HLG  that’s 5X 5 minute rounds with 20 minutes retrieval time– spread over the 2 days.  These are flown from a Glider Pen near the AMA flight line.  Your chance to beat the top dogs ….. if you can. Check the Ike flyer on the SEN web site .

And speaking of the Leeper he has donated $ for an Electric Champ of that weekend Ike and Kiwi combined – see that flyer too