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  1. Golf Cart Rental for World Champs/World Cups
  2. NFFS News for Canada
  4. September in lost hills

Golf Cart Rental for World Champs/World Cups

Golf cart rentals from All Cart in Bakersfield will be available for rental at the field prior to the Sierra Cup beginning October 10 including the World Championships and finally Kotuku Cup ending on October 24.

We have been given an opportunity to rent these carts at a substantial cost reduction as long as we meet a minimal number of cart rentals.

The carts will be rented on a reserve basis with payment due on delivery on a date before the events.

The carts are available for $50/day. There are 2 person carts, 4 person carts and a cart with a cargo box on the back. These carts would be a great way to move people and equipment around the field as well as for a potential chase vehicle, subject to field rules involving the orchards.

We need to know how many carts should be reserved. We would like to have teams or individuals advise as soon as possible who wants a cart(s) and for which days.

There are a limited number of carts available and reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis up to the limit of carts available. We are advised roughly 20 carts will be available.

Please contact Mike McKeever,, to reserve your cart. He will secure your reservation and ensure your cart is available when you want it. It is unlikely carts will be available to rent on the field on a day of contest basis so reservations are encouraged. Any questions please feel free to contact Mike.

Charlie Jones
Contest Director
2019 World Championships for F1ABC

NFFS News for Canada

From:Gene Ulm

Don’t know if you saw this.   Sen worthy.

Due to popular demand, we are THRILLED to announce that we are now able to offer our Canadian members the option to get the Digest in printed format. You can join/renew your membership through our online store at
If you prefer to only receive the e-Digest and save the additional mailing costs,  you can continue to use the “International Membership”

Gene Ulm


From:Roger Willis

This coming Wednesday we will hold a three event contest beginning at 7:30 and ending at 11:00. We will fly a ALL SKY CHIEF Mass Launch, OLD TIME RUBBER FUSELAGE [ ROG ] and a WW II COMBAT Mass Launch. If you can come help time and retrieve for our walking wounded, it would be a big help. If you can come and fly…even better. Any questions call me on 760-604-6773.
Many Maxes to All
Roger Willis CD

September in lost hills
Fai (a, b, & c)  & vintage fai power contest
September 21st & 22nd, 2019
Lost hills, California
21st schedule

F1A   F1B   F1C        7 rounds starting at 0800         1 hour rounds
First round for all 3 FAI events 240 seconds    All other rounds 180 seconds
Vintage FAI Power   7 rounds starting at 0800     All rounds 180 seconds
Engine run per NFFS Rules

22nd schedule

F1A   F1B   F1C       5 rounds starting at 0700        1 hour rounds
First round timed to the ground      all other rounds 180 seconds
Vintage FAI Power   5 rounds starting at 0700        1 hour rounds
First round timed to the ground      all other rounds 180 seconds

Total time from both days determines 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in each event

Cash awards (depends on entries in each event)     Entry Fee $20 each event
1st  50%    2nd  25%   3rd  10%  of entry fees from each event

C/D  Larry Norvall     Facebook:  LJNorvall
Join us for some flying before Endless October

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Roger Morrell