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  1. F1G Champion for Kotuku Cup and Sierra Cup Contest
  2. September is before us
  3. Notice #2 for Nelson Glow Plugs at Lost Hills

F1G Champion for Kotuku Cup and Sierra Cup Contest
From Walt Ghio

I have a Bob White built F1G that was donated to me by Norm Smith. After Bob
passed away several of his models were given to local flyers. Norm had acquired
one and has no interest in flying it. So, I came up with the idea to have an F1G
Champion for the Kotuku Cup and Sierra Cup 2019 contest. Both events are flown
on the same day, October 14 th with plenty of time to fly each event per the schedule.
We will use a point system to determine the winner.
The points will be determined by how many contestants you win over. An example
is if one event has twenty entries the winner will receive nineteen points. If the
second contest has twenty-two entries the winner will receive twenty-one points.
Each last place contestant will receive zero points. Highest total for the two contests
will be the winner of the Bob White Coupe. If by chance we have a tie, the total time
for each event will be added together to determine the winner.
There will be no charge for entering the event. Just enter, fly your models and enjoy the day.
Walt Ghio

September is before us
September is before us. Endless October is weeks away. With no events scheduled in September at Lost Hills ,which is usually great weather, come join us for some friendly competition before the World Cup Contests and Champs.

September in Lost Hills
Fai (A, B, & C)  & Vintage FAI Power Contest
September 21st & 22nd, 2019
Lost hills, California

   21st schedule
F1A   F1B   F1C        7 rounds starting at 0800         1 hour rounds
First round for all 3 FAI events 240 seconds    All other rounds 180 seconds
Vintage FAI Power   5 rounds starting at 0800     All rounds 180 seconds
Fly offs start at 1530 weather permitting    Engine run per NFFS Rules

22nd schedule
F1A   F1B   F1C       5 rounds starting at 0700        1 hour rounds
First round timed to the ground      all other rounds 180 seconds

Entry Fee $20 each event

Total time determines 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in each event
Cash awards (depends on entries in each event)
1st  50%    2nd  25%   3rd  10%  of entry fees from each event

C/D  Larry Norvall     Facebook:  LJNorvall
Join us for some flying before Endless October

Notice #2 for Nelson Glow Plugs at Lost Hills
I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale at the Lost Hills World Champs.  The cost is $5 each.  Please send me an e-mail request with the amount you require by September 15.  This will give me enough time to order the glow plugs and have them delivered by the first week of October.

Also, I will have fuel tubing and bladder material available to purchase.

Walt Ghio