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All of the preliminaries are over.
Processing and Registration have been completed.  People are meeting and catching up with old friends.  The Ladies Tea Party was successful and resulted in renewing old friendships and making new ones.
The opening ceremony was done in the Wonderful Park in Lost Hills and conducted by CD, Charlie Jones. Music from the Wasco High School Band and country sign/ flagbearers for each national team came from Lost Hills School.   The jury of Ian Kaynes, Chuck Etherington and Cenny Breeman were introduced.  Cenny standing in at the last moment as Shigeru Kanegawa’s travel plans were interrupted by the typhoon.  All current World Champions were present and introduced. The Sportsman’s oath was sworn  by Phil Mitchell of Australia and time keeper’s by Kyle Jones of the USA. John Lorbiecki, for both the AMA and NFFS thanked all the people that made the event happen and reminded the contestants that this is the World Champs so “Go for it! all out”  The contest was declared open for the FAI by Ian Kaynes and during his brief speech mentioned that this is the largest World Free Flight Championship ever held in the Western Hemi-sphere. The opening ceremony was concluded with a blessing by the Rev. Derek McGuckin, we include his words here:

Almighty God,
We have gathered here from all over the world. We are of many faiths and no faith. Our passion for Free Flight Competition draws us together.
May the Friendships we make be a blessing to us all, our countries and the World.
May you fly hard
Fly safe
Fly high
Fly well
And Fly Free


This was followed by a reception at the Lost Hills Community Center.

We thank the people of Lost Hills for the use of their park and Community Center

Bakersfield Bike Guy
The person mention in a previous SEN  who does on-field servicing is :
Ryan Copeland of Arliss Trailersports CA
At 661-535-4728

He also rents, sell and buy motor bikes etc.