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  1. For Sale: 2016 Babenko Folder
  2. Don Zink’s Model and flying support equipment and USA Jr Team Fund Raiser Status

For Sale: 2016 Babenko Folder

From: Mike Roberts
2016 Babenko Folder.  Rarely flown as I live in Seattle with no nearby field.  Low time B2 engine, Sidus G2 control board, tail boom modified for stand alone Pixis GPS and battery, trimmed.  $2000.00 delivered to Lost Hills sometime in the future or possibly shipped if I can figure out how to package.
Mike Roberts at


Don Zink’s Model and flying support equipment and USA Jr Team Fund Raiser Status

From: Jim Parker
There has been a great support for USA Jr Team Fund Raiser of the donations for Don Zink’s Model and flying support equipment.
Many of Don’s support equipment went directly to several Jr flyers. Open members have been generous often donating more than the suggested amount. I’ll be shipping several orders Monday and I leave for the Tangent contests on Tuesday where I’ll distribute several more items.
Following are  Don Zink’s items, those that remain after my Tangent return will be put on ebay.
Please contact me by email if you are interested. Payment  by Paypal  (Family & Friend to, check, cash.
Jim Parker,

PS, the most requested item was the Red Mica Film— I did not know it was so sought after.

New Items:
A. Stren Hi Test Saltwater Formula 100 lb Monofilament, Fluorescent Green. est  200 yards plus, suggested donation $5
B. M&K conventional airfoil short F1A wings, from Jon Davis estate, suggested donation, $75

Don Zink’s Items
17.  Vasily wing e-wigglers, c.      4, Dymond D-47, 3 screw mount, Suggested donation, $10 each
18.  Assorted RC larger servos, no connectors, tested, Suggested donation, $5
a.       2, Airtronics 94141, comes with one  new lead A- type
b.      1, HiTec HS-85MG
c.       2, JR NES-341
d.      1, Cirrus CS18
22.  HiTec Charger, X1 MF, 80 watt, 10 amp, full cable / balance cable, ebay- $55, Suggested donation $25
23.  RipMax ProPeak Power supply110v input, 13.8 v, 8.5 Suggested donation $5
28.  Dremel, AC, Model395, with assorted bag of bits, GONE to JR
33.  Muchmore Voltage regulator, new plus free used one, plus free RC receiver VR, Suggested donation $5 for all
41.  MD electronic Level (6.5” x 2.0” x 1.3”) well used,  Suggested donation $5
43.  Stanley bi fold plastic storage / tool case. Well worn.
48.  9 pcs 36”long, Hypo Tube Stainless Steel 304-RW 6GA, .203” OD, .173” ID
49.  Servo Tester, Turney,  $18 new, Suggested donation $5
53.  Black Magic Timers, 2 servo, F1A (dark green board), Version 4.92, Status 44BE. Used, tested all functions except Hal effect hook switch (likely good but I did not have equipment to test), following number I’ve labeled
a.      05, Suggested donation $35
b.      06, Suggested donation $35
54.  Vasily  Mechanical wing wiggers, a.   2, 3 position, Suggested donation $5 ea
55.  Molex Crimper, EDP 11-01-0204, ENG3 cr60927a, $300 to $200 new, Suggested donation $50
57.  2, Vasily Wishbones Standard airfoil F1As, #51 & 56, reserved of hopeful NorCal JR flyer
60.  1, Vasily, F1A Standard airfoil wings good condition, #52, 91 span, single .21 dia pin, Suggested donation $50
62.  Mercedes series 200, 230,260,300 tire change tool kit, like new, Suggested donation $10
69.  Vacuum Pump with gage, GAST MDA-V138-AE, like new, pulls 20 in HG, New $400, Suggested donation $150
Free Items, prefer to deliver at LH or upcoming Tangent Contest:

74.  1, LDA wings, #50. completed repaired dihedral joint,  92 span, single .31 dia pin which at 10% cord
76.   1, Vasily F1A fuselage fiberglass pod / shell,  have but they do not fit these pod , need modification
78.  Black Magic Timer, 2 servo but servo #2 does not work—OK for single function model,  F1A (dark green board), Version 4.92, Status 44BE.               Used, tested all functions except Hal effect hook switch (likely good but I did not have equipment to test)
79.   I’ll take to LH contest , 18  Stabs, Vasily style bunt style (3 different F1A size, no Wishbone tapered stabs remain) and box of rudder parts,                   fuselage hatches

82. Mechanical timer donor parts, brass working (Russian-Ukrainian)
a.       M&K front plate with long run spring
b.      Black front plate, no springparts,
c.     fuselage hatches