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  1. Swiss F1E Champs
  2. Don’t forget –flying is going on so    talk about – report it
  3. Doug’s Stuff at the USFFC – LH
  4. America’s Cup CDs
  5. Harvest Classic 2020 MODIFIED SCHEDULE

Swiss F1E Champs

The F1E Swiss Meisterschaft was flown last Sunday (06.09.20) at Wikartswil, in the Bern Oberland .
Winner was Andreas Tschanz, second Michael Bleuer , third William Damerell.
Results at:
Kind Regards, In Free-Flight,

William Damerell.

Don’t forget –flying is going on so    talk about – report it

The report above is a good reminder to us all.  There are no really big international events at this time but still quite a lot of National and Local events in many countries. You might think that nobody is interested.  But  we still want to see how things are going and what our friends on other places are up to.  So report on your event in the specialist places like NFFS, SEN and the social media.


Doug’s Stuff at the USFFC – LH

Walt Ghio

At the USFFC’s I will have Nelson glow plugs, bladder tubing and fuel tubing for sale.  Also, I will have TD glow heads for a Nelson glow plug which are thirteen dollars each.  The Nelson glow plugs are five dollars each.

If somebody has an interest in purchasing a TD glow head send an e-mail to Doug Galbreath.  His address is:  This is a new address for Doug.

America’s Cup CDs

Don’t forget to send your event results to Jim Parker at


Harvest Classic 2020 MODIFIED SCHEDULE

From: Andrew Barron

Dear free flight friends,

If you are interested in the Harvest Classic at Wawayanda, please see the
forwarded and attached information which shows that events are now spread
between this weekend (Saturday) and next weekend (Sunday) as arranged by
the contest directors

Best wishes,
Andrew Barron

Harvest Contest Modified
American Cup/ National Cup
Wawayanda, NY

The forecast for Saturday September 12th is fine but the one for Sunday are for heavy rain and wind. So, we decided to postpone the Sunday events to the following Sunday, September 20. F1B and F1Q were flipped.

  September 12, 2020
Start 10 am
FAI events: F1G(Rubber), F1H(Glider), F1J, F1P(Power), F1B

    September 20, 2020
Start 9 am
FAI events: F1A (Glider), F1Q (Electric) and F1S (Electric).

AMA events: E36, Electric A, Electric B, E 20, HL Glider, Cat. Glider, P-30 can be flown on either day.
All FAI events will have 5 rounds. Round lengths will be at least one hour.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic flyers are required to maintain social distancing. Face masks are required, don them when appropriate. Practice social distancing. Please bring a pen to record your scores. Those using golf carts are encouraged to use gloves. Towels and cleaning materials are also recommended.
Entry fee is $25 for all events. Junior $15. Fuel donation $5. (Please bring the exact amount)

(Camping is possible on the field. Super 8 in Middletown is open as well as other motels. Directions to the field are on )

CD: John Clapp (570) 888 0997
Ass, CD: Aram Schlosberg.
(917) 446 3222

SEN Status

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Roger Morrell