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  1. ICS-Files with all events
  2. Danish Winter Cup and Eagle Cup postponed

ICS-Files with all events

From:Bernhard Schwendemann
ICS-Files including all events for your calendar

On the web-page of Thermiksense there is now an ICS-file available which
includes all World and Continental Championships and all Word Cup
Competitions in free flight 2021.
This ICS-file can be imported just by clicking to many types of calendars on
your PC.
Andreas Lindner has prepared this ICS-file – thank you! –> “Termine in Kalender importieren”

Danish Winter Cup and Eagle Cup postponed

From:Steffen Jensen
I don’t suppose many have planned to go to Norway this march, but anyway:
The competitions Danish Winter Cup and Eagle Cup scheduled for the first
weekend in March at the lake of Mjösa in Norway, are postponed to 2022.

The travel restrictions for foreigners coming to Norway still demands 10
days isolation on arrival, so it is not possible to run the event with
participants from outside Norway.

We hope to see you all, later in the season somewhere.

Stay safe till then
Vegar Nereng and Steffen Jensen