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  1. SCAT ANNUAL- Weather Looks to be Wonderful
  2. SEN Advertisement and Questions

SCAT ANNUAL- Weather Looks to be Wonderful

March 13 & 14, Reserve March 15, 2021 at Lost Hills Field, CA

Covid Protocol Will Be Used

FAI Events:

**Saturday, March 13: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q and F1P

Seven one hour rounds start @ 8AM, extended max times for F1ABCQ are 240 sec.
F1P 180 sec. Remaining round maxes are 180 sec.
Flyoff times will be posted

**Sunday, March 14: F1G, F1H, F1J and F1S

Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1G 7:45- 7:55; F1H 8:00-8:10; F1J &S 8:15-8:25
Standard Five [5] rounds 45 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round.  Event start times will be posted.
If tied at end of standard and two FO rounds, tie breaker flight will determine the winner

AMA Events:

Saturday: Hand Launch Glider, E-36, ½ A Nostalgia, Classic Towline Glider 8AM-5PM
Sunday: Catapult Glider, P30, ABC Nostalgia Gas, 8AM-4PM

Other Events:

Sat 8AM – 5PM and/or Sunday 8AM-4PM
Vintage FAI Power,, 5 flts, 180 sec maxes, no rounds (may enter multiple eras and days)
Nostalgia Wakefield, Sat 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM – 4PM (may enter both days)

CD: Jim Parker <>

SEN Advertisements and Questions

We got a question the other day about how to advertise in SEN.

You do it the way you submit anything else to SEN – by sending it in an email to the email address that SEN comes from.

If you are wanting to sell or buy something we will publish your email address in SEN so people can contact you directly.  However if you ask a question or post other information we do not publish the email address partly of privacy and partly because replies to a question or comment maybe of interest to other readers.  In contest announcements like the one above we publish the organizer’s address you can contact them directly.

We welcome input from our readers