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  1. F1E World Championships

F1E World Championships

From:  Peter Brocks
The 2021 F1E World Championships in Turda, Romania have been canceled. This is due to the willingness of only 6 countries to participate and the still lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The next F1E World Championships are scheduled for 2023, also in Turda, Romania. See email from the Romanian Modeling Federation.

From: Romanian Modeling Federation
Sent: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 4:17 AM
To: various CIAM dignitaries

Dear colleagues,

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our activity and this year, people are still afraid to travel and restrictions are still in place , although conditions have relaxed around the world.

I am sorry to inform you that only 6 countries (yesterday I also received from Hungary) have registered to participate in 2021 FAI WCh F1E , between August 29 and September 1, which led us to request the FAI-CIAM Bureau to postpone this event for 2023.

In the hope that this will be the last postponement of a scheduled sporting event, I wish you good health and I look forward to seeing you again at the first championship, in large numbers!

Best regards,
Ioana DUMITRU-Secretary General
of Romanian Modelling Federation